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4th September 2011

It has been a hectic couple of weeks. I have been running around trying to meet enrolement targets at the college and preparing for the next two weeks of induction. This has left little time for Frih - though I have tried to call in for a few mins each day to make sure there is nothing urgent requiring attention.

The forums are still fairly quiet, though there appears to be a pick-up in posting over the last few days. Deanhills has apparently left the forums (or at least he hasn't posted for some weeks) and this will certainly have had an effect on overall posting numbers - I estimate around 200-300 postings per month.

On a personal note - I have little doubt that DH's reasons for leaving involve me in some way, since he frequently complained about my moderation (and when I say frequently I MEAN it). The basic complaint would seem to be 'victimisation of christians and the religious in general' - particularly in the p&r forum. I've looked at this complaint many times over the last few months and asked other staff members to do the same. I didn't find any merit in the complaint then, and I still don't.
A number of religious zealots (I won't mention names) seem to think that P&R is a place where they can post 'Praise Jesus' and expect no challenge. As I have frequently said - not on my watch. The religious are treated no differently from atheists, in that they are expected to justify any opinions posted. If they don't like that, and they certainly don't, then the faith forum is probably a better place to post. I will not be threatened into changing policy by a small but vocal band of Christian posters. If Bondings thinks my policy is wrong then he can, at any time, over-rule me since he is ultimately 'the boss'. I also routinely post any moderation decisions in the staff forum for peer-review, which I take very seriously.
That is all I have to say on this matter here.

2 blog comments below

My absence was very simple really. I found your personal blogging of Moderator decisions, particularly the one on the Christians are Nerds thread totally unbecoming a Frihost Moderator. The fact that you linked your "personal Blog" to an official Moderator decision was appalling as I could not see Bondings or any of the other Moderators do something as egotistical as that. If Bondings and any of the other Moderators had been around at that time, I would have continued posting, but no way was I going to subject myself to you playing owner of Frihost blogs and all.

This Forum of course belongs to Bondings, and if he is happy with your biased Moderator decisions that is his choice. I personally think it is completely wrong for you to be a Moderator of the Phil&Rel Forum, when you are as outspokenly anti-religious as you are. But perhaps now that there are no theists left in the Phil&Rel Forum there is no need to worry about that any longer. All I ask is for you to keep the Phil&Rel type discussions out of the General Chat Forum. When Bondings approached me in May he suggested that the Forums outside the Phil&Rel Forums would make for happier posting since there was little to no acrimony attached to them. Obviously the two threads that included Phil&Rel type discussions in the General Chat Forum were at variance with that. And you knew that, didn't you?
deanhills on Sun Oct 09, 2011 10:17 pm
Well, I think my blogging on the mentioned thread was entirely appropriate. No particular users were named and, in fact, no moderation action was taken. My point was simply to explain the decision NOT to moderate. I did this largely because YOU have previously said that reporting postings is a waste of time. I was simply attempting to show users that reports ARE considered very carefully.
I could have posted the explanation it in the thread, of course, but that would simply have derailled the thread even more.
Personally I think users actually welcome seeing what goes into a decision to moderate or not, and I see nothing 'appalling' in this at all. I simply explained the criteria I personally use when deciding if a posting is offensive or not, and explained that in the case in question the posting did not meet my criteria. How anyone can find that 'appalling' is quite beyond me.

Neither can I quite see how I am being egotistical. Putting the explanation in my blog was actually a way to ensure that only those people who specifically wanted to read it would do so - had I posted it in the thread then everyone would have had to at least skim past it. If I was really that desperate for people to read my postings I wouldn't bother with a blog at all.

As for 'owning' Frihost, that is simply silly. Any moderation I do is documented, and I rarely moderate blogs - generally only if they are overt spam.

The notion that being a critic of religion should somehow disbar one from moderating p&r is, typically, twisted. No such criticism from you when another moderator - who is very supportive of religion - posts, of course - then you can't get enough. I am quite open and honest about my own lack of belief and I don't moderate many posts in any case - only postings which are obvious breaches of the TOS or which are obvious trolls.
The fact that a fair number of such postings have come from theists is not something I am in control of, and any complaints about my own postings have been handed to others to adjudicate.

The assertion that 'no theists' are posting in p&r is demonstrably wrong, as can be easily seen with a quick glance at the latest postings.

Finally, I don't know which threads in Chat you are referring to. The last posting I remember making was about a month ago on Black Holes - in response to a question about the same. I don't think I've ever started a thread on anything vaguely religious in Chat, and any 'philosophical' contribution was probably simply a response to another posting...

PS other moderators were and are present. The fact that they may not post a lot does not mean they are not there.
Bikerman on Sun Oct 09, 2011 11:50 pm

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