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5th August 2011

Been in work for the last 2 days, finishing off submissions for the 20010/11 academic year.
Now I have a week off before returning to start preparing the 2011/12 year.

Logged-in to Frihost from work at about 2.00pm local. 5 reports dealt with (2 users banned, 1 AWIT and 2 'to watch').

Forums pretty quiet. Joined-in a thread about the Norway terrorist. Thought long and hard about posting a link to his 'manifesto' because it seems to me that his position is being trivialised which is understandable but dangerous. One must confront terrorism head-on and not pretend that genuine points are false. There is some truth in what the manifesto says about Islam, and this should be acknowledged. There is also much which is distorted, partial and, in some cases, completely invented. One can have no credibility in criticising the document unless one is prepared to be honest about which parts are true and which not.
However, after long thought, I decided, reluctantly, that because Frih is open to youngsters under 18 I would not publish the link. I doubt anyone of that age would actually understand the document, but caution must trump any 'assumptions'.

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I agree with your sentiments. I think it is dangerous to ignore what terrorists are trying to say.

IMHO this has happened too much with the Islamic terrorists. Not that I agree with their lunatic beliefs. But ignoring them has caused the west to see them simply as islamic deviants, rather than looking at the genuine issues that the middle east has with the west. We haven't had a real chance to discuss what the issues are and whether or not we can resolve them, or discredit them.

As a result, I do not think, after all this time in wars etc, that we have resolved anything at all.

Hopefully this Norwegian is a one off. But you are right that he is not alone in thinking some of these things, although he is alone in being a lunatic. We should take on these arguments, and resolve or discredit them head on.

But of course, there is the danger that in repeating dangerous ideas, they may find new homes. This is a difficult issue, but also why they need to be taken head on and discredited or otherwise.

And the obvious danger that making them effective may encourage more. This is probably an argument to listen to people with concerns earlier.
Hello_World on Mon Aug 08, 2011 3:04 am

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