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3rd August 2011

Got the van through the MOT this morning - total cost 100 - pretty good.
Had to go into college this afternoon for a 'drop in' where students & parents can just call in and ask questions. As I thought, not one single person 'dropped-in' so it was a waste of 3 hours. Given that this is the peak holiday fortnight I cannot say that I was surprised and neither am I impressed by the decision to market this idea heavily in the local media.....

Logged-into Frih at 6:60pm local time. Checked reports - a whole load of new ones.
Spent 40 minutes going through the reports. Completely deleted 7 accounts (spambots) and cleaned up postings (spam). Issued official warnings to 3 other accounts (spam) and created the explanation pages for them. Cleared all outstanding reports.
For any user who questions the use of the reporting system, this illustrates why we, as mods, find it useful. I have managed to deal with 10 dodgy accounts and remove the offending spam in under an hour - because people took the time and effort to report the perps. Keep it up folks.

Now going to see if there are any postings I should reply to....brb

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I made around 30 reports some time ago (a week or so) but the posts are still there? Sad (Mostly posts with an average of 2 words per post Confused Shouldn't they be moved and the user given an AWIT?)

Great work though Bikerman. Wink I see your moderation posts and appreciate the effort to clean the place up a bit but sadly there is still a lot of short and spammy posts around. Sad

adri on Wed Aug 03, 2011 11:19 pm
I'll check on that. The way the reporting system works is that it uses a flag to indicate whether a particular report has been 'handled' or not. Normally I set the flag as I deal with each one, but sometimes it isn't possible (there may be further action needed, for example) and sometimes other mods forget to flag a report as 'handled' (I'm sure I'm guilty occasionally as well). This means that sometimes I'll go to the 'live' reports and find many of them already handled.

When it comes to 'quality' posts that is perhaps the most difficult to moderate. Spam is easy as are most of the other infractions. Short answers, however, have to be judged in context. A posting might, for example, just say something like 'Thanks for that'. Now that doesn't add anything to the debate, but it is possibly a specific thank-you to someone who has provided some information, and it isn't something that I would delete, personally speaking. Sometimes it is much easier, but often I have to read a good part of the thread to get an idea of the dynamic before deleting posts because they are poor quality, and that takes time.
Bikerman on Thu Aug 04, 2011 10:23 am

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