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30th July 2011

Logged-in early evening. Not many reports to deal with - dealt with most yesterday. A couple of obvious spambots dealt with.

Checked the biker-bashing thread in Chat. Unsure whether to respond to the latest set of accusations but decided, on balance, that some of the claims were serious enough to merit refuting.
Spent some time composing a response. Tried to remain suitably detached and diplomatic but, truth to tell, I'm getting a little tired of these almost constant attacks from the DH/BD mob, so I decided to stick a little barb on the end of my posting just to raise my spirits. Looked in vain for a 'strike-through' option and ended-up composing that part of the message in Word, using strike-through, then converting to graphic, applying the forum background, uploading to website 2, and posting as an image at the end of the message. Works pretty well but the font is not right and my line length is also wrong - can't be bothered to do it again.

Checked P&R - one posting about Jesus being vegetarian contained an incorrect surmise/assertion, so posted a brief reply.

Quick scan of the other forums. Nothing in obvious need of mod intervention and nothing particular to reply to as a poster.

[Later]Started reading a philosophy essay at just after midnight and nodded-off. Woke with a start at 7.00am still sat in front of the 'puter. Wife & dogs away for fortnight on annual charity camp so nobody to wake me up Smile Finished philosophy essay (Peter Strawson on 'Personhood' - very good). Wash, change of clothes, breakfast (bacon, egg, fried bread). Check FRIHost - nothing new to do. Updated blog and off into cyber-academia to find the rest of Strawson's work on personhood.

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Lol, brilliant!
This 'diary of a mod' could be an interesting new blog category, nice one Laughing
watersoul on Sat Jul 30, 2011 9:48 pm
So that is what you did a year ago (look at your title). So, what did you do this year on that date? laugh
heading off to see barb!
standready on Sat Jul 30, 2011 11:26 pm

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