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Joomla 1.7 Stable.

Joomla 1.7 stable is install able on Frihost Hosting Server.

The Method is very easy..

To Install Joomla on any other Hosting server you must have Knowledge About That hosting service ..

Do they Provide Apache, PHP, MySql and Pearl.
Or Is it on Linux..

Fortunately Frihost do have support for these features.. and its for FREEEE!

If you are planing to install Joomla on frihost hosting then you must have little knowledge about C-Panel and and this is the easiest C-panel i have Ever seen .
Because i already have A delux on godaddy.
but I am not so enjoyed with their Hosting Control..
The most beneficial feature i see here is EVERY THING IS UNLIMITED WITHIN 750MB.
A Normal Statistic need not much hosting space if you are not making a extraordinary site with a lot of High quality JPG and MP3s.
well mostly you can done it by saving your space and uploading them on another paid/free galleries.. you can upload it even on facebook and get the direct link for it by right clicking.

so ..

To upload Joomla most of people have tried different methods and they just failed ..
the easiest way to install, and run Joomla or server have few steps .

1- creating and adding a new domain ..

2- understanding about Domain's Control Panel, PHPmyadmin / mysql

3- creating SQL database configuration.

4- get an Up-loader

5- Uploading Joomla .

6- Creating Joomla's directory's backup.

7- Copying and Pasting Clipboard and Joomla's directory files .

8- configuration of Joomla with database's information.

9- Deleting Installation Files/folder

Here We Go ..

1st Congrats you have got free hosting from Frihost.
open Your C-panel by or

Click Domain Administration when you see this page

When Domain Administration Page will be opnen You might not see so many names like i have .. but there must be a domain already there .

Just click ad Another Domain and wite your domain name without http:// and www.

When You are done and you have seen that messege below in picture..

come back to home and You must see the Domain Name there You added.

Click it and get into the Domain Control Panel.
This might is bit confusing seeing this page.. but its very easy to use these features..

now click MySQL Management in this page..
and then click Create New Database.

3 blog comments below

this is cool...
i am new here but i would like to know if this frihost can provide free domain such as .com and etc. ?
does cpanel is also free provided? no ads? does the account expires/domain expires if there is a free?
johans on Fri Sep 16, 2011 1:58 am

Yes Johans its free .. frihost give you much more then you could ever expect.

neither i did ever.. i have 150gb hosting on godaddy but i am still using frihost.

becauce the p-panel is very easier then godaddy's hostig and giving you unlimited options..

Like :

Unlimited email

Unlimited sub domains

Unlimited Databse




In return they dont want a single penny from you but just few decent and value able posts and blogs..
Help anyone on forums ..
and even if you ask someone for help also helps other to get knowledge about different problems and solution.
Your two lines not just give you few points but also allows You to have a wonderful caring and knowledge sharing experience.

and ..

free Hosting
Free Domains.. [in exchange of frihost coins]
Free Cpanel

Frihost.. Its Marvelous !
AsadAnsari on Fri Sep 16, 2011 2:20 am
Well you have got it earlier what you actually need .. didnt you ?

Ask when ever you need any help..

Keep In touch ..
AsadAnsari on Sat Oct 01, 2011 5:30 pm

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