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New Guitar Day - Fender Limited Rosewood Strat

This spring I picked up a guitar in my local Long & McQuade on a bit of a lark, and accidentally fell in love. Now, the guitar is pretty much a basic American Standard Fender Stratocaster much of the feature set and design is like any other decent quality Strat out there, with one big difference - the neck is made of a single piece of rosewood. Rosewood finger boards are pretty normal... really in most cases the finger board is going to be one of two woods, rosewood or maple; but this isn't just the fingerboard, it's the neck itself. Most necks are either maple or mahogany; rosewood is rarely seen as a neck wood for various reasons, including cost.
There was something special about this neck, it felt like no other guitar I'd played, and I fell in love with it. I was mildly obsessed for a while, then it disappeared - someone bought it. I was a little relieved, really... 'cause it meant I wasn't tempted to drop the $1700+tx on the price tag anymore. Thing is, I just kept thinking about it.
In August, another rosewood necked guitar showed up in the shop, but a Telecaster this time. I gave this one a try too, and found it used exactly the same neck profile and construction, and it felt wonderful too. Problem - it was $200 more. I began thinking about it a fair bit too. Near the end of the month, I returned to the shop, and it too was sold (to one of my friends, as it turns out). Again, I was simultaneously relieved and disappointed.

For some reason or other, my wife made the decision - she was ok with me ordering in one of these guitars. This put me in a period of consideration - do I want a Stratocaster, do I want a Telecaster, should I just not spend the money??? In the end, as the title of the post tells you, I ordered the Strat.

The guitar had to come from a shop elsewhere in the province, and it arrived two business days later. I went in, set up my payments, and took it home. The neck was exactly what I wanted, and it feels wonderful. Friday I changed the strings to a heavier gauge, made the appropriate adjustments to bring it back into proper spec (heavier strings means more tension, means changes in the structure of the instrument), and I brought it to a band practice Saturday.
Band practice let me really give it some work and pacing. At home I'd only played it at low volume, and somewhat gently... while it played and sounded great under no stress, you do play differently with a band and at volume. The neck is very playable whether playing gently, or with a bit more power. The guitar sounded great too. I mean, the setup is pretty standard for a Strat, and it sounded like a Strat should sound, so, no surprises there. I had a lot of fun playing the guitar, and I expect that will continue Wink

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Sounds like an awesome guitar - looks beautiful with plenty of fun. You must have a considerable collection of music instruments at home. Where do you store all of the equipment?
deanhills on Sun Sep 04, 2016 7:14 pm
I've got a few instruments kicking around (4 acoustic guitars, 7 electric guitars, a four-string, a five-string, a fretless and two short-scale six string basses, two mandolins and a drum kit); mostly they all live in a room in my basement with the drum kit and some amps set up as a practice space. Most of them are in a rack or stands on the floor, but some live in cases in a closet in the room.
Ankhanu on Sun Sep 04, 2016 7:39 pm
Excellent addition, Ankhanu!
standready on Mon Sep 05, 2016 3:22 pm

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