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BattleReport Warhammer40k - TauVsEldar&SM

This battle took place two days after my last report (13 November)... but I've only now managed to have the time to write the report up. Things have been pretty busy.
In this game I essentially ran the same list as last time, with some tweaks, plus my partner's Space Marine army. Our opponent had recently picked up a new super powerful unit for his army, and wanted to test it, so we were guinea pigs Razz

Points: 3000; Tau vs Eldar and Space Marines (Salamanders + Black Templars) (1.5k each)
Mission: Maelstrom 4 - Spoils of War
Deployment: Dawn of War
First Deploy: Tau
Steal Initiative:[b] No
[b]Night Fighting:

A large Tau force,including a gargantuan new unit never encountered before, the KX139 Ta’unar suit have set up a remote outpost on a former Imperium world near Delta Tao, outside Tau Empire space. A small force of Eldar, led by a small Seer Council land on the planet to gather information and divine what they can of this new force, but are discovered. The Tau interpret the well armed Eldar force as hostile and attack.
A small combined force of Salamanders and Black Templars in the region detect the two xenos, and come to the aid of the Eldar in hopes of eliminating this new gargantuan Tau threat.

My opponent friend won first deployment, and chose the far, well terrained, side of the table, leaving myself and my partner deploying out in the open. My partner was using a Skyhammer and drop pods, which kept him safe, but the Eldar were sitting ducks for turn 1.

Turn 1

With all Tau units deployed on the battle field, they advance from their starting line. Two Stealth Suit units and a unit of Fire Warrior Strikers fire marker lights on the closest Wave Serpent (containing Storm Guardians), allowing the Ta'unar to fire its heavy weaponry, hitting both tanks with a SD AP2 apocalyptic blast, glancing both Wave Serpents 1HP. Further targetting on the closest Wave Serpent wreck it, spilling its Storm Guardians onto the table, killing three. Ta'unar smart missiles kill a Windrider under the skyshield; Fusion Suits and Command Suit marker the squad, allowing the R'Varna to eliminate three more of the Windriders and wound the Wraithlord. The Riptide squad (one loses 1HP from NOVA Drive malfunction) targets the remaining Wave Serpent, causing no damage, but eliminating the nearby Storm Guardians.
The Eldar begin their advance as several Black Templar and Salamanders drop pods and assault marines deep strike into the field. Before entering a bastion for safely, the Seer Council Guide the Falcon while conferring themselves with Invisibility. A Farseer invoked an Edricht Storm apocolytptic blast over the nearest Ghostkeel, but the Warp bends his will, and it manifests off the mark, killing six Space Marines and one Stealth Suit.
The remaining One Salamanders tactical squad burned the Tau Ethereal and its unit atop another bastion, while two other squads burn four Fire Warrior Breachers. The remaining Wave Serpent blasts one of the Ghostkeels with its shield, causing 2HP damage before one of the tactical squads decimated by the Edricht Storm get cut down by Overwatch assaulting the other Ghostkeel. The other tactical squad that was hurt by the Edtrict Storm assault the Ta'unar, which stomps one of them to paste.
.: Tau First Blood, No Prisoners - 2
.: Eldar & Space Marines Killed Ethereal, Scored Objective 4&5, Hungry for Power - 4

Turn 2

The Tau R’vanra targets the Wraithlord, with a blast that scatters onto the Falcon, wrecking the grav tank, ejecting its contents of Fire Dragons; a second shot kills the remaining Windrider and injures the Fire Dragon Exarch. The Wave Serpent takes a glance from the Riptides, a Stealth unit and a Ghostkeel. Vulkan and his unit are nearly eliminated by the second Ghostkeel with a melta template and burst cannon fire. Strike squads take out four marines from two Tactical squads and two Devastator squads. The Ta’unar destroys the two marines holding it in close combat.
The Farseers each drop a Vortex of Doom onto the Tau, targeting the Command unit (killing a Stealth suit), and the second Ghostkeel, to little effect.
The Wraithlord continued its slow advance down the battlefield, firing on the R’varna, but leaving it unharmed. Running forward, the Fire Dragons melt the first Ghostkeel. The Howling Banshees disembark the Wave Serpent and run behind cover as the tank ineffectually shoots the Riptides. Swooping Hawks scream into the battle, dropping their grenade pack on a Stealth unit, destroying a drone; once on the ground, they turn their fire upon a Strike Squad, cutting it down.
Black Templar Tacs and a Devastator squad concentrate fire, but only manage to kill one Stealth Suit, while another Devastator Squad kills a Stealth suit from another unit. Salamander Veterans burn another Stealth unit, but the attack has no effect. The nearest marines, a Devastator Squad, assault the Ta’unar, which stomps one of them.
.: Tau Slay the Warlord, Blood n Guts, King Slayer (1) - 5
.: Eldar & Space Marines Recon - 5

Turn 3

One Vortex of Doom scatters to the Ghostkeel, with no effect, while the second dissolved from reality.
7 Strike Squad markerlights help one Riptide eliminate the lumbering Wraithlord, while the other two Riptides cut down the Howling Banshees. With markerlight support, the Broadside kills 3 Salamanders. More markers target the Bastion housing the Seer Council, and the Command Unit, Ghostkeel and a Stealth unit cause it minor damage (1 glance). A Strike Squad fire on a Devastator unit, but the stalwart marines shrug off the fire. The R’varna join the Ta’unar assault and kill the marine fighting.

As one of the Farseers manifests another Vortex of Doom in the Command unit, killing a drone, the other one scatters harmlessly across the field. The second Farseer hits the Command unit with a Psychic Shriek, to no effect.
Marines kill two Stealth drones, a Stealth Suit, and injure the Ghostkeel (1W). The grounded Swooping Hawks kill a Strike Squad, and the Fire Dragons run across the skyshield and attack the Command Unit, killing a drone.
.: Tau Scored Objective 2 - 6
.: Eldar & Space Marines Scored Objective 1 (x2), Supremacy (1), Blood n Guts - 9

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Turn 4

The two Vortices of Doom crackle across the battlefield, encountering no bodies.
The R’varna targets the Seer’s Bastion, destroying the building; the Seers and nearby marines get out ok. A megablast from the Ta’unar scatters off mark, but kills two marines. The Riptides destroy the Wave Serpent as Stealth suits, with marker support, kill 5 Fire Dragons.
One Vortex of Doom shifts direction to land on 4 Warlocks and consumes 1 while the other shifts harmlessly around the field. A Farseer targets the Ghostkeel with its Psychic Shriek, again to no effect, while the other drops an Eldricht Storm on it, causing a wound.
Remaining Swooping Hawks move to engage Fireblade on the top of a bastion, killing it in assault. Remaining marines and their drop pods blast various Tau units, but only kill one Stealth suit. Another Devastator unit assault the Ta’unar, but is stomped to paste.
.: Tau - 6
.: Eldar & Space Marines Scored Objective 4 - 10

Turn 5

One Vortex of Doom follows the Seer Council, consuming another Warlock.
Riptide Nova Reactors overload, but they Feel no Pain. The Ta’unar wrecks a Drop Pod and hits the Seer Council with 3 D hits, though they survive. A Tactical Squad survives an attack from the Broadside, and the remaining Fire Dragon survives an attack from the Command Suit and a Strike Squad.
Both Vortices of Doom land on the Seer Council, consuming a Farseer and a Warlock. The remaining Farseer hits the Ta’unar with a Psychic Shriek, causing 3 wounds. The remaining Warlock renews 1W on the Farseer.
The Seers kill a Stealth drone with their pistols, while the Fire Dragon misses its shot. The remaining Marines kill the Stealth Suit in the Eldar deployment zone, and another Swooping Hawk dies in assault.

Roll to end: Game ends
.: Tau Scored Objective 3, 4 & 6, Scored 3 Objectives (3), Linebreaker - 13
.: Eldar & Space Marines Linebreaker - 11

Tau were easily dominating the game from turn 1, though the Eldar/Marine force was holding fairly strong... it would likely have held stronger had two tactical squads not been nearly destroyed by friendly psycher fire.
The Ta'unar was a lower threat in this game than it likely would have been due to my partner's tactic of holding it up in close combat, though it was a costly tactic. Though we lost several marines to its stomps, preventing it from firing and moving likely saved us a lot of hurt. When it did shoot (and hit) it was pretty devastating, and its high Toughness and low saves meant it would have been a thorn in our side. Aside from the Seers and perhaps the Fire Dragons, Wraithlord and a hefty dose of Marine melta, we just weren't going to hurt that thing... and getting anyone close enough with those weapons was proving difficult.
This was my first time taking a Wraithlord in my list, and it absolutely did not make up its points. It did draw a few rounds of fire away from other units, but that fire was always templates, and they scattered enough to kill other units anyway Razz
Ankhanu on Wed Dec 02, 2015 5:22 pm
​My half of our army was:

Seer Council
Farseer: Singing spear 105
.: Telepathy: Invisibility; Daemonology (Sanctic): Vortex of Doom; Runes of Fate: Eldricht Storm
Farseer 100
.: Daemonology (Sanctic): Vortex of Doom; Telepathy: Psychic Shriek; Runes of Fate: Guide
5 Warlock Conclave 175
.: Daemonology (Sanctic): Purge Soul; Runes of Battle: Destructor/Renewer

Aspect Host
6 Fire Dragons: Fire Dragon Exarch (Dragon's breath flamer) 142
10 Howling Banshees: Howling Banshee Exarch (Shuriken pistol; executioner) 150
Wave Serpent 110
6 Swooping Hawks: Swooping Hawk Exarch (Hawk's talon) 116

5 Windriders 85
12 Storm Guardians 108
Wave Serpent 110

Heavy Support
1 Falcon: Starcannon; Shuriken cannon 140
Wraithlord: 2× Flamer; Ghostglaive; Scatter laser; Starcannon 160

1,501 points
Ankhanu on Wed Dec 02, 2015 5:23 pm

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