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Battle Report Warhammer 40k - TauVsEldar

Last night a friend and I played a Remembrance Day game of Warhammer 40,000. He recently bought the new Tau codex and wanted to try out some of the new rules, and I just wanted to play Wink I decided to play Eldar, rather than Dark Angels, and we both drafted 1850 point lists. I had to assemble three more Windriders for the list, as I’ve never really used them and wanted to give them a try; I assembled the main bikes but left off the riders and weapons, as I intend to do some painting and magnetize the weapons for easy swaps later.

My list:
Farseer: Singing spear 105
Farseer 100
5 Warlock Conclave 175

6 Windriders: Shuriken cannon; 2× Scatter laser 132
7 Dire Avengers: Dire Avenger Exarch (Twin-linked avenger shuriken catapult) 106

6 Fire Dragons: Fire Dragon Exarch (Dragon's breath flamer) 142
10 Howling Banshees: Howling Banshee Exarch (Shuriken pistol; executioner) 150
Wave Serpent 110

10 Swooping Hawks: Swooping Hawk Exarch (Hawk's talon) 180

1 Falcon: Starcannon; Shuriken cannon 140

The Avatar of Khaine 195

Harlequins Ally
Death Jester 60
Shadowseer: psyker mastery level 2; neuro disruptor 95
Solitaire: Cegorach's Rose 160

1,850 points

The list is three formations; Seer Council (the Farseers and Warlocks), Aspect Host (Howling Banshees, Fire Dragons and Swooping Hawks) and a Heroes’ Path (Harlequins), and two troop units and a heavy support. I made a slight mistake, in terms of expedience… I kind of didn’t consider the work required in having 10 psychic points worth of psychers. It took a little time to generate my psychic powers, and my psychic phases took forever to wrap up… but it was fun Smile

Points: 1850; Tau vs Eldar
Mission: Maelstrom 1 - Cleanse and Control
Deployment: Hammer and Anvil
First Deploy: Eldar
Steal Initiative:[b] No
[b]Night Fighting:

Turn 1

Deployment began with the Eldar on the left and Tau on the right; Eldar kept Swooping Hawks and Solitaire in reserve, all Tau were deployed. Warlords - Eldar: Farseer with Singing Spear, Tau: Command Suit.
Shadowseer and Deathjester used Infiltrate after deployment, appearing near the middle of the table and the Eldar forces began to advance on the Tau line. The Shadowseer manifested Psychic Shriek killing a unit of three Broadsides, scoring First Blood, and the Deathjester killed some Stealth Suits a hit from his Shrieker Cannon, scoring a Bladestorm hit and bio-explosive result, causing the suits to fall back. The Ghostkeel was shot ineffectively with the Wave Serpent shirked cannons and a broadside was killed by the Falcon’s Pulse Cannon. The Windriders raced across the table to secure Objective 2. The other psychic powers manifested were protective or served no function.
The Tau then began their slow attrition of the Eldar forces. Stealth Suits and a Strike Squadron focused fire on the Deathjester, producing a fine red mist, well lit with Marker Lights while the Ghostkeel, Hammerhead and Stealth Suit markers, using Mirror Shield, caused the Wave Serpent to Explode, killing all the Dire Avengers next to it aside from the Exarch, who staunchly held his ground. The Howling Banshees inside the Wave Serpent lost one member and were forced to disembark to the battle field. The remaining Broadsides reduced the Falcon to a wreck, forcing the Fire Dragons onto the battle field. Stealth suits and a Breacher team obliterated the Shadowseer.
.: Eldar First Blood, Scored Objective 2 - 2
.: Tau Hold the line, Scored Objective 4 - 2

Turn 2

Swooping Hawks and Solitaire Deep Strike in; the Hawks drop their Grenade Pack on the Breacher Squad, causing them to scatter. The Howling Banshees run across the field and blast the Ghostkeel, which had been hit with Dominate and Hallucination, with their shiriken pistols, causing it to fall back. This, unfortunately prevented them from assaulting the Ghostkeel, but did leave them to score Objective 1. The Avatar of Khaine got within range of the Riptide, and was able to reach it in an assault and reduce it to 1HP, taking 1HP in Overwatch along the way. The Windriders moved towards Objective 4., but caused no damage to the Strike Squad holding it.
The Tau Hammerhead and Strike Squad removed the threat of the Windriders headed for the Objective while Stealth Suits killed off six of the Howling Banshees, and Breachers kill eight Swooping Hawks with Marker Light support. Continuing the close combat, the Avatar of Khaine destroyed the Riptide.
.: Eldar Scored Objective 1 - 3
.: Tau Greater Good - 3

Turn 3

The Fire Dragons ran down the battle field and hit the Broadsides with fire and melta, destroying the unit, and a couple Stealth Suits and drones that were in between. The remaining Swooping Hawks fly to the top of a nearby building and kill the Kadre Fireblade hiding there in an assault. The Howling Banshees get in range and kill a Strike Squad in assault, while the Solitaire runs towards Objective 4, but is gunned down as it assaults the four Fire Warriors defending it with four basic Overwatch hits and three unsaved wounds. Similarly, the Avatar of Khaine is gunned down in Overwatch while assaulting the Breacher Squad.
The Tau Breachers fire on the advancing Fire Dragons, killing the unit, a Strike Squad kills the remaining Howling Banshees, and the Shostkeel and Stealth Suits kill the last Dire Avenger. The three remaining Swooping Hawks are reduced by one by the Hammerhead.
.: Eldar Killed an enemy unit - 4
.: Tau 3

Turn 4

The Seer Council leave their fortress and start advancing across the field, finally getting in range with their attacking psychic powers. A Warlock is able to manifest a Vortex of Doom on the Ghostkeel, but it scatters onto a Stealth Suit unit, destroying those within its swirling doom. The Swooping Hawks zoom across the gap to the next building to score Objective 2 again.
The Tau kill the Swooping Hawks outright with the Hammerhead, and the Ghostkeep and Stealth Suits kill three of the Warlock Council as the Vortex scatters harmlessly across the battle field.
.: Eldar Score Objective 2 - 5
.: Tau Killed an enemy unit - 4

Turn 5
The remnants of the Seer Council pop off another Vortex of Doom, killing one Stealth Suit, and the old Vortex shifts through open ground before concentrated Tau fire destroys the last of the Eldar force.
.: Eldar 5
.: Tau 5


3 blog comments below

Wow. I have friends who play Warhammer but this is intense! The map and everything! The props for buildings! You all have measuring tapes! lol!
TheGremlyn on Fri Nov 13, 2015 4:07 am
Yeah, my friend’s dropped a lot of money into his set up Razz He sold a lot of stuff to buy the city terrain and buildings; I can’t wait to see it once he actually gets it painted up, rather than just playing on grey plastic Wink
There is something to be said for playing on a home-built battle field, though. As nice as this official city-scape is, I do like having hills and stuff on the battle field Smile

As for measuring tapes, they’re essential to the game… really can’t play without them. Two of the ones in the photos belong to me, the other is my friend’s. I’d say every player should have at least one with them at any game, but that doesn’t always happen.
Ankhanu on Sat Nov 14, 2015 8:09 pm
Wow that's impressive. All of the troops who have been painted and created finally get to go to battle. Wouldn't have been able to conceive something like this. Cool
deanhills on Sat Nov 14, 2015 10:17 pm

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