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New Mac and Apple does the right thing

Nearly a year ago my 2011 15" MacBook Pro stopped booting. There was a flaw in the design of the model that had caused many systems to experience graphics problems or simply stop working 1-3 years after purchase. Given how expensive these things are, it left a lot of us seeking answers from Apple, with Apple playing dumb about the whole thing... with Apple's history owning up to hardware issues and such, the fact that they weren't addressing this one was disappointing to say the least. Well, a couple class action lawsuits, a strong petition campaign and several support groups have resulted in Apple offering a repair program until 2016, or until warrantees expire, whichever is longer.
This means that my paperweight of a laptop will now be repaired and work again! I'm very pleased.

In the meantime, in the weeks before this was announced, I'd just made the decision to buy a new Mac... but opted for an iMac rather than the MacBook Pro, as it was slightly cheaper and I didn't need portability quite so much anymore. Given that my old laptop is going to be repaired, I'm extra glad that I didn't go the MacBook route, as now I'd have 2 Razz

I got one of the new 27" iMacs with 5k Retina display. I'd prefer a smaller system, but 27" was the only size that the 5k models come in. I upgraded the CPU (4.0GHz i7), GPU (AMD Radeon M295X) and storage (3Tb Fusion drive), and RAM is still user upgradeable on the iMacs, so I just went with the default 8Gb, I can install cheaper RAM later to upgrade it up to 32Gb.

This machine is a freakin' beast. The display is huge and beautiful, but it's quick and snappy. For example, I installed Adobe Suite 6 yesterday; Photoshop loads in under 2 seconds! I've never seen Photoshop load in less than 15 seconds, usually more.

One bad thing; I have been having a bitch of a time getting Windows to install via BootCamp. My issue isn't exactly unique, and it looks to be an issue with how the Fusion drives are handled by the system; Fusion drives are a SSD/HDD hybrid that dynamically allocates files between the solid state and magnetic storage media, showing them as a single volume. I'll figure the issue out eventually, but, until I get it sorted, I can't play any Windows only games on this system (I've tested Mac compatible games like Borderlands 2 though).

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Nothing as thrilling as a new computer, and when it comes up to expectations it has to be doubly awesome. That PhotoShop speed is unbelievable! How long did it take you to download the software?

Also terrific you can have the useless "paperweight" repaired. At least gives people hope they can petition and eventually if everyone sticks together make a difference. Well done! Cool
deanhills on Tue Feb 24, 2015 7:56 pm
I am glad to hear that Apple is correcting problems finally
standready on Wed Feb 25, 2015 6:23 pm
That's the thing, standready, Apple is usually pretty quick to recall or repair defective hardware... there are several precedents for them to take care of the issue (including similar GPU issues with a prior iMac version). The fact that so much effort had to go into convincing Apple to address this issue is the oddity.

Dean - It took me a little under an hour to download and install the software. I didn't install the full suite, just the programs that I'm likely to use.
Ankhanu on Wed Feb 25, 2015 8:43 pm
It is, indeed, a surprise that Apple was hesitant to address this. Maybe AMD wasn't playing well with them? I remember the 2007 Macbook Pros had a number of defective 8600m GTs (I know this because I had a Sager with the same GPU) and even though nVidia said the Macbook Pros wouldn't be affected, Apple investigated and found that there could be issues and offered repairs for 3 (or was it 5?) years after the purchase date. Really can't understand why they still use lead free solder. I have a roll that I've reserved for filling gaps in metal, but rarely use it for electronics. Razz

Anyway, really nice system. You prompted me to fire up Photoshop to see how out of date my computer is. Razz It booted in just over 4 seconds, for what it's worth, so I think I'm good for another year. I do hope that 5K panel finds its way into one of their standalone monitors, because they've really dropped the ball in that department (ending the Cinema display line).
william on Thu Feb 26, 2015 8:29 pm
A coworker in our department got one of those iMacs and that totally explained why he called me for help printing in colour to our printer system Razz

Another member in another department also purchased one of those iMacs and it was more of an interesting battle getting Word 2011 to open without crashing because she'd used the migration assistant and migrated that issue over onto the new iMac. Fun times. Shift key and open a program. Woot!
TheGremlyn on Sat Feb 28, 2015 5:20 pm

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