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Trying out D&D 5th Edition

I've been roleplaying since 1994 or 1995 (first year high school) and have played several different systems and settings... unlike most people, however, I didn't start with the iconic Dungeons and Dragons, instead, I started with Star Wars Second Edition. Since then, however, I have played a fair bit of D&D, a couple sessions of 2e (still don't really know what the rules were) and a couple years of 3.0/3.5, a couple sessions of 4e, and have been primarily playing Pathfinder, a derivative of 3.5 for a couple years now most weekends. D&D 5e came out earlier this year and has been pretty well hailed as a success, going back to what made 3.x successful and altering it, returning to a more story based system of play than mechanics, as happened with 4e.

I met a photographer earlier last year while playing some shows and working some plays who identified one of my roleplaying themed shirts, and we got to chatting RPGs. He recently started running a 5e game at our local gaming shop on Wednesday nights, and I was invited to join in. My work schedule prevented me from joining in before Christmas, then they took a break over the holiday, but now I'm between work seasons, so can attend the game. I'm reading through the rulebook and seeing how this new system works, how characters are created, how classes and levels have changed, etc. and it is somewhat intriguing. I have a feeling it will be living up to the praise I've heard, delivering a story-driven action-y sort of experience.

I'm coming up with character concepts. The game is set in Faerun, the Forgotten Realms setting. I'm currently considering a half-orc bard associated with the Harpers. Being half-orc, he's had to deal with racism and hatred all his life, has had to get by on the streets, suppresses his violent urges and wants a better life. I'm thinking he may be a bit of a drunk, seeking solace and escape in drink, blotting out the internalized racism and hatred he's experienced and dulling the urge to lash out physically... something I've never played before.
I have a couple other ideas, maybe a Paladin, which I've also never played before. We'll see just where things go, I suppose.

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a half-orc bard ...
It seems like a tough career choice!
Really challenging!
rx9876 on Wed Jan 07, 2015 11:20 am
Yeah, it could have been fun.
After I mostly finished making the character I found out what the other characters were, and there was a little too much overlap. There was already a half-orc, though a fightery type, and there was already a drunk... I scrapped the character for diversity's sake. I've drawn up a Halfling Ranger... might make it female... I've never played a female in a table top game.
Ankhanu on Wed Jan 07, 2015 5:47 pm

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