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New new delay pedal - TC Alter Ego x4

You may recall back in March I'd bought my first delay pedal, a TC Electronic Alter Ego, and was quite pleased with it. I still quite like the pedal, but found myself wanting to experiment with using different delays within the same song. With the Alter Ego, that would require quickly adjusting up to four knobs while playing the song... which is a fool's errand... that or having a second pedal set to the other delay. I was considering picking up a second pedal, but at $180+ for that, I was a little put off the idea. Then I remembered that TC had recently released a new version of the Alter Ego, the Alter Ego x4 (based on the Flashback x4 delay). The pedal had the two presets that I primarily used on the Alter Ego, and gave more options to play with, both in terms of different settings, and in being able to store and switch between three different settings at a time... it seemed right up my alley! Only problem is, it's a $280 pedal, and I'm kinda skint.

Then comes Black Friday sales. ProGuitarShop had the Alter Ego x4 on sale for $180, the same price as the single pedal... By borrowing some money from the band, and selling my Alter Ego to a bandmate, I placed the order.

Despite having the "same" settings that set the Alter Ego apart from the basic Flashback delay, they do sound and behave a little differently on the x4. It took a little playing around, but I've rediscovered the sweet spots that I need to use when I use the delays in my band. I may actually prefer the basic Alter Ego for those tones, however... but not significantly so. I have those settings stored in the A and C patches, and have left the B patch as the factory default (so far).
The other patches in the x4 emulate some old school and/or rare analogue delay units, including some specialized tape delays, an oil-can modulation ("emulates" an organ sound), and bucket-brigade style delays, most of which have some interesting modulated character to the delay trails. Some of them are pretty funky, some of them I haven't fugured out quite how to use well yet.

Here's some basic noodling around I did the other day using the EHX Echo Flanger setting on the x4. It's nothing special, just playing around with the settings and hearing something I liked.
Signal path is Fender '66 Classic Jaguar -> Fulltone DP-1 -> Alter Ego x4 (ECHOFL) -> Fender Twin Reverb

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Very nice, Ankhanu!
standready on Mon Dec 29, 2014 5:38 pm
Agreed. It's great Ankhanu. Like the title! Very Happy
deanhills on Mon Dec 29, 2014 6:55 pm
Shame there's no MIDI but I guess I use these things for different purposes
Josso on Wed Dec 31, 2014 4:46 pm
Thanks, guys. It's been fun to play around with.

Josso - We've got MIDI Smile
Ankhanu on Wed Dec 31, 2014 11:56 pm

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