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The Lieutenant of Inishmore; another play done.

Phew! What a busy couple weeks!
I've been involved in a stage production of The Lietenant of Inishmore, which ran for 5 nights the past week, with 6 weeks of prep time. The play's an interestingly dark comedy set in Galway, Ireland in the early 90s, following a tragedy in the life of a mad gunman of the Ireland National Liberation Army, an IRA splinter group, following the death of his beloved cat. It's violent, it's bloody, it's dark, and above all, it's frickin' funny. The production was one of the few plays I've been involved with that has remained hilarious to the whole cast and crew from beginning to end; it's pretty incredible, and if you get a chance to see it somewhere, do so! I played Joey, a supporting INLA character who ends up dead and dismembered.

Now, I work 120km from my home, which involves a 2hr drive in each direction, and leaving my house by 6:30am to get there... and means that I get home around 7:00pm most nights. This means that to make a 7pm curtain call before dress rehearsals and the play run itself, I would drive directly from work to the theatre, and finally get home near midnight. These have been some pretty long days, but it's also been a blast! Perhaps the hardest part of the whole thing was keeping myself from laughing in the scenes where I'm lying dead on the stage... there was some comic genius going on there.

I've had fake blood stains on my hands, chest and legs for a week... I just clipped my nails, and hopefully that'll be the last stained body bits gone! All that said, the audiences had been quite receptive and seemed to have greatly enjoyed the play. Some reviews (1, 2) were pretty flattering as well. The venue, a former church in downtown Sydney undergoing some renovation, The Highland Arts Theatre (HAT) was an interesting backdrop for the dark play, but it was a fantastic space to work with, with fantastic acoustics.

Each show closed with a free bonus performance of a local rock band.

As a bonus, Chris Walzak of ProPhotographic Cape Breton was there to document our shows, supplying some fantastic moments caught in stills, and filming one of our performances. Chris was fantastic to work with (and I've worked with him with my bands and a festival as well), and captures some great perspectives on these productions we become so familiar with. I can't wait to see the video of the play, there are some parts that I've never seen, only heard, and I can't wait to see how they look!

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Wow! Amazing where you get all of this energy from Ankhanu. Well done! Applause

Was it uncomfortable to stay in one position all of the time? Your knees must have really achy after a while?
deanhills on Fri Oct 24, 2014 11:36 pm
Well, it's not a matter of having lots of energy, so much as just pushing through to do what you need to. I mean, today I took a vacation day from work just to sleep in and catch up on what I'd been missing all week Wink

Luckily, I was never really on my knees; I was either standing or dead. I did learn in rehearsals how my body needed to be to reduce joint strain... nothing like going over a scene for 45+ minutes and laying in one position the whole time to show you how quickly a position can become painful Wink By the time the actual show run came along (and only having to hold the position for about 10 minutes, rather than near an hour), I'd figured out how to fall, and then how to position after being moved.
The hardest part was not laughing through the scene... 'cause though it was kinda tense and serious, it was ultimately a comedy, and there were some absolute gold lines around the end. Plus, every once in a while someone in the audience would react to something in a completely unexpected way, which was almost always hilarious. I managed to remain dead, though, which is almost surprising Wink
Ankhanu on Sat Oct 25, 2014 4:25 am

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