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WH40K - Heralds of Ruin Kill Team

Two weeks ago, two friends and I tested out the Heralds of Ruin Kill Team 7th edition rules. Heralds of Ruin's Kill Team is an adaptation of the 40k rules for skirmish games that's a fair departure from the standard Games Workshop Kill Team structure. For one, they've created complete Kill Team codex entries for each army, and introduced some system specific special rules and equipment. Terrain is destructible in HoR Kill Team and true line of sight is used, with all cover behaving as ruins; doors don't impede movement, and glass may be broken, and vertical movement (climbing walls, etc) is treated as true distance.

As with standard Kill Team, you build your Kill Team with independent models, upgrading as points and theme allow. Unlike standard kill team, you use the HoR codices, and can have more than 200 points; we played 500 points. We had to modify the rules for 3-players, mainly in deployment zoning. The teams were Grey Knights, primarily using terminators and paladins; Space Wolves, maxing out all of his troop choice slots; and I played Dark Angels, a mixture of Deathwing, Ravenwing and marines (Assault marines, Librarian with jump pack, Tacs, scouts). I rather wanted to test my power armoured librarian, but, the codex didn't allow it.

The mission we rolled was "Doomsday Device"; six objective markers are deployed on the table, we don't know what they are. When a model is within 3" of an objective at the end of their turn a roll is made, on a 6, it's the doomsday device, the relic we're all out here trying to acquire, on 1-5, it's junk; if 5 have been discarded this way, the 6th is automatically the prize. Since I was using Scouts, deep striking terminators and fast attack, I reached several of the objectives at the end of turn 1, and found the doomsday device inside the cathedral... things went down hill for me from there.


Riding to glory!

On the hunt for the Doomsday Device:

Once the Doomsday Device was found, everyone moved to converge upon it.
Space Wolves and Dark Angels square off:

Grey Knights comin fer ma dude (and the Doomsday Device):

Here come the paladins!

I was really hoping that I would last the turn with my little scout by the Doomsday Device, that the Grey Knights would be too far away to contest it, or blast the scout away; alas hope was not enough. I ended up taking hits from all sides, and was the only one with casualties for some time. I did manage to kill the GK's main psycher with my librarian, however, so that was good... even if the librarian was then taken out pretty quickly. Once things reached close combat, the game essentially locked; we went 6 rounds (IIRC) with GK terminators and Space Wolf units locked in assault, and I ended up running away, with over half of my units destroyed.

All in all, it was a fun game, and it was great to get some models on the table, and use some of our newer terrain. Though much of the terrain was unpainted, it looked fantastic and was an interesting departure from our normal setups. I'd really like to give the Heralds of Ruin Kill Team another go before too long.

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This is so intense! You have buildings now! And the way those figures were setup in the doorway Razz They're totally on the lookout and they'll jump out and shoot people coming down the street!
TheGremlyn on Sat Oct 04, 2014 4:04 pm

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