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Testing Elementary OS Luna

A couple weeks ago, the video adapter on my MacBook Pro logic board fitzed out on me. A new logic board is nearly $1000, and a new MBP is gonna be about $3500... both of which are exceedingly expensive. I'm going to have to make some hard choices regarding a new system, whether I switch over to Windows or Linux to save money, or save up for a while to buy a new Mac... each option has it's downfalls, but only the more expensive one has me using a hardware/OS package that I really like Razz

In the meantime, I'd rescued a Dell Latitude E5500 (Core2Duo 2.66GHz, 4Gb RAM) from the garbage a while back, and installed Ubuntu onto it. I decided to try a Linux flavour I'd never tried before, and a week and a half ago, I wiped the system and installed Elementary OS Luna, a Linux distro that somewhat emulates the look of OS X, and is built around an Ubuntu base.

So far, it's not too bad, though a far cry from really resembling OS X; it still has the impression of being "unfinished" that every version of Linux I've tried suffers from. I had to install Elementary Tweak to modify their GUI (Elementary); by default, there's very little that you can do, but adding the repository and app makes a difference (it's similar to Ubuntu's Unity Tweak tool).

It's pretty light on resources, which is great on this system. The computer is several years old, and with Luna, it still runs speedily. Under normal everyday use, it has been fast enough to operate without any real lag or interruption despite its age. Boot and shut down times are pretty quick too. I haven't really had a chance to run it through less standard paces, and, obviously, this won't do anything for gaming, but, it's an ok fill in until I can afford a new system.

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