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Bye-bye, wisdom teeth.

I havenít been to the dentist since about 1997 or 1998; Iíve been putting off going to the dentist for a few years now. Iíve been working contract jobs, or jobs without health/dental benefits, and, though Iíve been needing work done, Iíve been waiting to land a job with dental coverage. Five (plus) years later, I still donít have them, and my top wisdom teeth are in terrible condition; Iíve been taking migraine strength pain killers every day since the end of September, so I decided to just bite the bullet and make an appointment. Now, I called at the end of September to get an appointment, but the soonest they could see me (I didnít mention the constant pain when making it) was yesterday.

Well, I went in yesterday, had a cleaning and some X-rays and a check up. Really, aside from my wisdom teeth, things looked pretty good, considering I hadnít been in in 15ish years. The wisdom teeth need to come out, however. The upper wisdoms have been slowly decaying for a couple years, to the point that the one on the right is missing most of the enamel, and the one on the left is missing halfÖ the other teeth are all fine. I made my second appointment to extract the upper wisdom teeth, and said the soonest date would be bestÖ and that turned out to be today Razz It took a month to get the checkup, and only 28 hours to get the second appointment.

Unfortunately, Iím still unemployed and donít have my own dental coverage, but, my wife has a plan that Iím part of. All the same, this is going to be a fairly expensive procedure, Iím sure. I have the money Iíve saved for my guitar amp in my walletÖ I have a feeling that a good chunk of it will be leaving my possession this afternoon. Sad

Iím not sure how much sedation is going to be requiredÖ I should probably call and see if Iíll be able to drive myself home afterwards, or if Iíll need to arrange a pickup.

Hereís for a Halloween night filled with pain!! Razz

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Gutted for you Ankhanu, a few of my friends have had theirs out over the years and all had pretty bad swelling afterwards. One friend had it with a local anesthetic and said it was the most traumatic procedure he'd had done even if it didn't actually hurt at the time. All the rest were put to sleep and just woke up sore afterwards.

I was lucky and have all of mine. I'd lost a couple of teeth before they came through and the wisdoms pushed the molars forward closing the gaps. I do have one growing at a 45 degree angle at the back but my dentist says it's in good condition and is a working chewing surface so good to stay put.

The financial thing is harsh though, I thought you guys had tax funded dentistry like we do in the UK?
I have to make a small contribution because I work, but if you were over here and unemployed you wouldn't pay a bean - If the dental work is carried out at a hospital then it's free for everyone, and a put-to-sleep procedure such as all your wisdoms will usually be done at a hospital.

Good luck with it though, genuinely feel for ya fella. If it's any comfort, I've been putting off an operation to remove a massive cyst between my upper jaw and sinus for ages, and I'm having it done on Tuesday (Guy Fawkes night here in the UK) It looks like I'll be losing a wisdom and 2 molars on my upper right, but thankfully I won't have to pay anything for the pleasure.

I don't know the legal situation with medicines in Canada but I've bought a load of 60mg codeine ready for when I wake up - had to buy them 'unofficially' though because chemists/drug stores here only sell them without a prescription mixed with paracetamol, and I don't want to fry my liver just enjoy the relief from the opiate Razz
watersoul on Thu Oct 31, 2013 5:59 pm
The procedure wasn't too bad, actually... She froze me up and they came out with just a slight suction-pressure sensation. I'm still mostly frozen, however... we'll see how I'm doing in a while Razz I had taken my 400mg Motrin 30min before the appointment, though, just as per my regular schedule lately.
After the procedure, when I went to pay, I ended up getting faint; my vision was dark, hearing a bit far off, and I got weak; I had to sit, then lay down for a bit. I hadn't eaten lunch, which they told me was probably a mistake, and they gave me some orange juice... the sugars helped. After a few minutes laying down I was able to pay and drive off Razz

With my wife's insurance, having the two teeth out cost $43... so not nearly as bad as expected.

While we have medical coverage in Canada, most dental is, I think, considered cosmetic or something, rather than medical. Some procedures are covered in our Health Act, but most aren't. Apparently the dental association has lobbied the government pretty hard to keep dental out of the health care act and remain privatized... which is... interesting.

Dang man, hope your procedure goes smooth, and recovery is swift!
Ankhanu on Thu Oct 31, 2013 9:07 pm
Ah glad to read it was successful and that you're not too bad...hope you can get a day of rest tomorrow being a bit pampered and treated like a puppy with a poorly paw or whatever!
The feeling faint thing is never good but fortunate you made it to a chair or something and not the floor!!

Cheers for the concern as well, but really, just concentrate on your own soreness etc when the numbness goes, that's never nice.
I'm actually well sorted for Tuesday, got a friend driving me home and lost work time/earnings covered for 3 days out if I need it...oh, and plenty to help me sleep though them of course Wink
watersoul on Thu Oct 31, 2013 10:31 pm
That sounds pretty awesome how easy it went. Just a "suction" experience. Am really happy to hear all went well. As I've heard horror stories myself. I'm long overdue myself for a wisdom tooth to come out, except its roots are right down into some complicated nerves, that may involve the risk of paralysis - either temporary or longer term, so I've been resisting the procedure. Not sure how long I'll be able to do that however. I'm both resisting the paralysis as well as the cost of complicated surgery. I'll probably also have to find a really great dental surgeon. So yours with the suction procedure sounds almost as though the procedures are getting a little more sophisticated?
deanhills on Fri Nov 01, 2013 9:04 am
Yeah, my girlfriend in high school had to have her's surgically removed. She was on Tylenol 3 for a week or two after the procedure, and was absolutely miserable. I've heard of some people with worse situations too.

Mine went smoothly because the root was simple... I don't think it was branched at all, basically a cone (I only glimpsed the x-ray when it was taken). My lower teeth are still pretty straight, but look to have your classic 4-root configuration and will likely take a little more work to remove. With that in mind, I'm not so sure there was any real change/advance in technique so much as a simple extraction situation.

Your extraction sounds somewhat more scary than mine... I don't blame you for putting it off Razz
Ankhanu on Fri Nov 01, 2013 3:56 pm
My wisdom teeth had not broke through yet but were causing alot of discomfort so I had to have them cut out. Done on Friday, back to work on Monday.
We lost all our wisdom!!!!
standready on Sat Nov 02, 2013 11:15 pm
I had my bottom wisdom teeth removed a couple years ago. I actually didn't know I had bottom wisdom teeth since only the top grew in and I never experienced any additional headaches or pain in my jaw from impacted teeth. I just randomly decided to go back to the dentist some 10 years later (to the same place that did my orthodontic work). They did some x-rays and my dentist came in and looked at them and started talking about how it looked like their could be a cyst around my one bottom wisdom tooth. Of course I was shocked and sat up to see for myself that I did have impacted bottom wisdom teeth.

They referred me to an oral surgeon and I was assessed within the week, I think. I made an appointment sometime later, early in the morning. My mom drove me in since she was on vacation at the time and I went in. They set me with up with some laughing gas which made me feel kind of drunk and eventually my tongue started to get a little heavy so by the time the surgeon came in I didn't trust myself to say anything. They jabbed an IV in my hand and eventually gave me the stuff that would knock me out.

I literally do not recall when the stuff actually hit me because the next moment (to me) I felt the assistant tugged at something on my arm and she was sitting me up and started steering me into another room where my mom was waiting. I kind of looked around, mildly confused because it felt like a second had passed. I couldn't feel my mouth and most of my jaw and I think the numbness went up to my cheekbones. I think my mom was looking at me, wondering how I felt. My brother and sister had some unpleasant experiences (my sister ended up with dry sockets and my brother was just slow to recover).

We went home and I had heard most people just went to sleep after something like this but I was wired. I was up the whole day and went to bed as usual. They'd given me... a couple different prescriptions I think. Antibiotics to prevent infection, T3's for pain and some probiotics to combat constipation from the antibiotics. They also said I could take Advil as well. Quite the cocktail of pills like 3 or 4 times a day!

I wasn't in any real pain where my wisdom teeth bad been but that area felt weird because of the dissolving stitches. The worst was actually from my jaw. I figure they had to pry my jaw open, enough that it strained the joint and stuff.

I think I ended up getting a job interview for a call center two days after the surgery. I was so nervous that morning I couldn't take any of the pills except the antibiotic so by the time I got out from the interview my jaw was aching. It's funny to think back that they probably didn't notice I'd had the procedure. I healed without issue. I think the whole surgery cost $1,300 but, because I was in school and the teeth were impacted, I was able to get 50% coverage for 2 impacted wisdom teeth. Now I'm just debating getting my top wisdom teeth out... I have an electric spin brush so I'm able to clean them better than before but I'd rather not find myself in a situation where I need to get them out and I'm tight for money. Something to plan for...
TheGremlyn on Sun Nov 03, 2013 2:01 am
Hey hope the mouth is feeling better again Ankhanu, just an update on my mouth cyst operation scheduled for today.
I saw the consultant surgeon this morning, all ready for the op, sweaty palms, nervous and all the rest of it. It turned out that my dentist hadn't done some preparatory work the hospital had written to them about, in order to save my upper canine tooth.
Apparently it's a politics thing in the NHS where independent or private dentists shy away from some of the more expensive work because their contracts for NHS work pay less than if charged privately.
My dentist has apparently let my case go back to the hospital in an attempt to force them to do the work instead, they didn't even reply to the hospitals letter.
I asked the surgeon where that left me now (with a proper sad 'victim of the system' look on my face) and he said that he can and will do the work but the 2 hour slot for my operation today was not long enough because of this extra procedure needed. He promised me a new appointment in the next 3 weeks and said I'm definitely being knocked out, cyst removed plus wisdom and molars (upper right jaw) but saving my canine with this 'reinforcment' work to reduce the visual damage to my smile from losing such a prominent tooth. Smile

I also asked about my options afterwards, false teeth/implants etc, and he said I will have to wait 6/8 months for bone/tissue reasons due to the physical space left after saying bye-bye cyst, but implants can be fitted then. I mentioned that I was aware the NHS will only do false teeth that go in a jar at night so it will give me the chance to save up while my mouth mends itself. He replied (with a wink) that if he gets a referral from my GP (family doctor) saying implants will assist in my emotional well-being due to self image depression issues then he'll be more than happy to do that all under the NHS for me.
I shall have to see how my emotional self image issues are after this implants, or thousands of pounds privately...hmm.
watersoul on Tue Nov 05, 2013 3:01 pm
Your experience was kinda like my ex's, Grem. Hope your pained interview turned out well Wink
Getting your uppers out might suck... but, at the same time, with the lower ones gone, they're not doing anything. I'm likely having my lower teeth removed in the next while since they need a filling (or two, I can't recall) and are non-functional now anyway.

Watersoul; hope your surgery went swimmingly!
I'm hoping your GP gives you your recommendation! Implants would be SO much better than traditional false teeth.

Since the teeth came out, I've been doing just fine. I haven't used any pain killers since they came out... which is wonderful, since I've been popping 4-5 every day since the end of September. It's great to not be on pills anymore! I've got some nice pits in my gums now, and the sutures used to hold them together after the extraction are all out now (which was weird to feel as I brushed my teeth). Lookin' forward to the holes filling in and not having to worry about food getting caught up there Razz
Ankhanu on Wed Nov 06, 2013 10:01 pm
It almost seems like the pain you experienced prior to the surgery was worse than what you feel now that they're gone. It's crazy that you don't have any pain or discomfort from that. I can only assume it's cause you have a big mouth Razz Nice to hear you're doing so well!
TheGremlyn on Fri Nov 08, 2013 2:29 am
No "almost seems" about it, that's exactly right. Afterwards I felt like there was a bruise, but, other than that, no pain. It's great! It's absolutely wonderful not to be popping migraine strength pain killers every day.

As to the size of my mouth, well, let's just say that I needed braces due to tooth crowding and teeth being pushed out of place Wink
Ankhanu on Fri Nov 08, 2013 4:40 am

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