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Warhammer Kill Team tournament and painting

Early in Septermber, I participated in my second Warhammer 40,000 tournament. This time it was a [url=]Kill Team[/url] tournament; a small points (200 points) fast style of game with some special rules to keep things fast and "simple", including having no HQ choices within an army. I decided to build an army that is more themed than effective, choosing a bike based Ravenwing army.

My list:
.: Ravenwing Veteran Sergeant Arion, with Meltabombs
.: Ravenwing biker w/ plasmagun
.: Ravenwing biker w/ plasmagun
.: Ravenwing biker w/ bolt pistol
.: Ravenwing Attack Bike w/ Heavy Bolter

As you can see, it's not a big list, with only five models… given that you can win a game by reducing an army to 1/2 or less it's starting size and making them run away, having few models makes that really easy.

In the end, I won only 2/6 games played that afternoon. First game, my army was wiped out by an Eldar army composed of Fire Dragons and Rangers. Faced with a lot of AP1 weapons and some great range, and my classically poor dice rolling, I think I lasted 3 or 4 rounds. Second I faced… I can't remember now! But, I managed to sirvive and cause them to flee, winning the game. I defeated a band of Orkz, causing them to flee. Ultramarines, another Space Marine army, caused my bikers to suddenly flee, though I caused his army significant losses. After that, I faced some Tyranids; animalistic xenos. The army was just three powerful models, but, after a horrible slap fest in which his last model faced four of mine for about eight rounds to a draw before he lost to a failed break test and ran away. Last, I faced my friend Kris and his Grey Knights. He manages to completely destroy my army and win flat out. I think my tactics were good, but the dice rolls were in his favour.
All in all, it was a fun way to spend the afternoon.

I took some extra time to paint up my bikes a little better standard for the game. Compared to the image above, which was taken after some extra painting, I took more time to make them all a bit better, especially the Sergeant. It's still not done, but they're looking better.

Painting miniatures is still a very slow process… and I'm having some fun learning to do a decent black. Most of the black here is just the Krylon Camouflage ultra-flat black spray I used as a primer… but I has to do some repairs and repaints in spots. Since I didn't have a real black paint, I used a grey for the base and then added several washes of Imperial Primer to darken it and build to a black. You can see this on the legs and knee pads in particular, and the face mask. It still needs work, but, it's an interesting learning process.

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Looks like your learning and having fun in the process. Good job at the tournament with what sounds like a very small army to begin with. Sounds like you have some good tactics and maneuvers in your mind ready for deployment at a moment's notice.
pauline123 on Fri Oct 04, 2013 3:48 pm

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