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Purge the Xenos with Fire (and plasma)!!

Last night I played a 2500pt Warhammer game with three friends, (1250pt each, teams of 2). I decided to give my wife's Eldar a try and ended up pairing with a Tau force, and the others played Imperial Guard and Salamanders (Space Marines); making a Xenos vs. Imperium battle.

This was my list:
5 Fire Dragons: Fire Dragon Exarch (Fast Shot).
9 Howling Banshees: Howling Banshee Exarch (shuriken pistol; triskele).
10 Storm Guardians: fusion gun.
Wave Serpent: twin-linked scatter laser.
10 Guardian Defenders: Heavy Weapon Platform (scatter laser).
5 Swooping Hawks: Swooping Hawk Exarch (sunrifle).
8 Dark Reapers: Dark Reaper Exarch (Fast Shot; Marksman's Eye).
Falcon: starcannon.
1,250 points

The mission was almost completely inconsequential; the xenos were hit HARD first turn and never came close to recovering. Rather than having any focus on gaining/holding objectives, the Imperium had such a strong upper hand that success by tabling was a very real option from the start... and that's what they went for. Forget about objectives, just kill to victory!

Purge the Xenos with Fire (and plasma)!!


Tau and Eldar versus Imperium (Imperial Guard and Salamanders)
Deployment: Dawn of War
Mission: The Scouring
First: Imperium; Steal Initiative?: No

Round 1
Vulcan with a sternguard squad (equipped with lots of fire) entered with a drop pod against the Tau/Eldar Aegis Defence Line, taking out a Fire Warriors squad and Howling Banshees, scoring first blood, and the Leman Russ Executioner hit a Crisis Suit squad and Dark Reapers with 5&15 plasma hits respectively, decimating both down to a single model (and the remaining Dark Reaper was killed by a lascannon). The remaining Guard kill some more Fire Warriors and glance 1HP from the Falcon, and 2HP from the Wave Serpent.
The Falcon rushed across the board (30") to flank the Leman Russ, intending to offload its payload of Fire Dragons next round. The Wave Serpent moved 12" closer to the Imperial Guard, loaded with Storm Guardians and a Warlock, followed by running Guardian Defenders. The Tau take out a couple sternguard, and the Wave Serpent fired its Scatterlaser into a Guard Lascannon heavy weapon platforms, killing it and causing the rest of the squad to flee off the board. The farseer that had been attached to the destroyed Howling Banshees activated Death Mission and attempted an assault on the Sternguard (suicide mission) and was killed in overwatch.

Round 2
Salamander Storm Talon enters, and a group of 6 assault terminators Deep Strike in next to the drop pod. The Salamander Attack Bike blows up the Falcon, killing 3/5 Fire Dragons inside, and the Wave Serpent is glanced to death, expelling the Storm Guardians inside. Guards in a Chimera fire their flamers out of the fire points, killing a Stealth Suit squad, another Chimera destroys the Tau Piranha, 6/10 Guardian Defenders are cleansed by plasma, and two Storm Guardians are killed. They don't manage to kill the remaining Fire Dragons, and the Eldar don't run away.
The Tau Sunshark enters the field, attacking the Storm Talon. The Fire Dragons miss the Leman Russ, and only a handful of Imperium models are killed, including Crisis Suits killing off three assault terminators.

Round 3
Marbo enters, destroying three Crisis Suits with his explosives pack; the Storm Guardians/Warlock are taken out by the Leman Russ, the Attack Bike and some Guard kill off the last Fire Dragons, A marine shooting from a Rhino fire point take out the Sunshark with a Snapshot, and Guard take out the remaining Guardian Defenders.
*** At this point, the Tau/Eldar force consists of two Drones from the Piranha, and a squad of Swooping Hawks in reserve.
The Swooping Hawks enter, dropping their grenade pack to no effect, but upon landing, kill a heavy weapon model, causing it to run away. They attempt to take cover between two Chimera, and the drones attempt to run away from the Assault Terminators

Round 4
Vulcan takes over the Tau Aegis Autocannon, and after Guard in a Chimera burn most of the Swooping Hawks, he fires on the Hawks, and the Leman Russ shoots its plasma cannons, killing the remaining Hawks. The Storm Talon killed the drones, and the game ended.

2 blog comments below

Sounds like it was at least entertaining, which is very important for any game. Hope it was as exciting as it sounds.
pauline123 on Sun Jul 14, 2013 11:27 pm
That's amazing Ankhanu. I love those tanks! This has become a full blown hobby it would seem, and very enjoyable.
deanhills on Tue Jul 16, 2013 11:16 am

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