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Fallout themed wargaming collection

I enjoy coming up with ideas/plans for games almost as much as I like playing games. With this in mind, I've decided to create some wargaming terrain based on the New Vegas and Capital Wastelands from the Fallout series of video games; I love Fallout and post-apocalyptic settings in general, so it seemed like a fun project. The idea was based on this Nuka-Cola vending machine piece I found on Tumblr.

In addition to creating the terrain, which can be used for multiple wargame games (Obviously I intend to use it for Warhammer 40k), I want to assemble a collection of 28mm miniatures themed for the various factions in the Fallout games. Part of this is finding minis from games like Warhammer or Infinity or something that resemble the units they'll represent from the Fallout games. For example, I intend to use Cadians for Rangers in battle armor.
Unfortunately, I'm going to have to mix and match models from all over the place, so the result will just be decorative, and won't create any kind of playable army... but it'll be fun to assemble and paint!

What I'm looking for from you, dear reader, is suggestions for other 28mm model based game systems from which to take models to flesh out the collection. I'm relatively new to wargaming, so, don't really know all the games that are available. Thanks in advance.

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I'm curious. What did you build before you started wargaming? I'm assuming that you didn't just one day start wargaming and doing the figurines, etc and wow, wonder of wonders, you just happened to have a knack for it? Course, if that's the case WOW!
onebadpenny on Sat Jun 29, 2013 10:15 pm
I built some model kits, cars and airplanes, when I was a kid, but, no it was pretty much a jump in with my Warhammer army last fall. Just to be clear, the linked images in this post are things off of the Internet, not my work Wink
Ankhanu on Sat Jun 29, 2013 10:22 pm
Oh, I forgot, heh. I was gonna check that link out.
But, no, I was thinking of the pictures you posted recently of your Warhammer army. I still think your work is amazing Very Happy
onebadpenny on Sat Jun 29, 2013 10:40 pm
I don't know anything about wargaming or what you might need to flesh out your army. BUT, if your post-apocalyptical ideas include vehicles, I might have a game for you. My son told me about Nuclear Renaissance from Ramshackle Games in the UK. I looked up the game at and they have all KINDS of cool vehicle miniatures in 28 and 30mm. And parts to customize other vehicles and it all just seemed so tempting! Although I agree with your wife; a steampunk, gaslight themed scenario would be the way to go I think. LOL
After listening to my kids and then seeing what you've done and are doing, I can absolutely see myself making scenes without ever playing at all.
Expensive hobby, but seems like everything is these days Smile
onebadpenny on Sun Jun 30, 2013 12:03 am
Ooh, some of those are pretty cool. Unfortunately they cost more than I'm willing to pay for individual models, especially when factoring the cost of UK shipping to Canada :/

It's a fun hobby, and there's a LOT of room for creativity. I mean, you can stick with your box kits and have fun, but, there's a lot of opportunity to customize and create your own concepts, whether it's a personalized paint scheme, or straight up building custom models with your own resins and the like. It is unfortunately expensive, but, if you're frugal and patient (like me), you can build a respectable army relatively cheaply. I've spent about $400 on my army, and my wife's army combined... but that's less than half the price of assembling what we have from regular or even discounted kits. eBay is your friend Wink
Ankhanu on Sun Jun 30, 2013 4:51 am

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