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Custom building Warhammer models

I've been playing Warhammer 40,000 for a couple months now, using base models mostly, nothing special. But now, I've begun my foray into customizing, models to represent different characters or unit types. I'll be using different combinations of Games Workshop bits, and crafting some new bits myself. I still don't have any green stuff or the like to work with, but that's something I'll have to work with eventually Wink

First up, I'm working on a mock up of the Catachan Jungle Fighter elite model/unit, Sly Marbo; he's a Rambo adaptation Razz ; a lone unit unto himself, a master of stealth, a sniper, and carries a deadly demolotion charge to wreck the enemy's day.
I'm limited in what bits I have available, and will likely have to get some green stuff and model him a vest... or maybe just use one of the torsos with a shirt already. I'll also be modelling some leaves and the like to add some camouflage flair Razz

The Ripper Pistol was made out of a boltgun with the back of the stock, barrel and sight cut off, a scope added, and the hand grip trimmed, with a lasgun barrel glued on the end. I think I might abandon this as I should probably have used a bolt pistol chassis, and I think maybe use a meltagun barrel instead. I found a bolt pistol to modify, but I have no extra melta (I have almost no melta armed models in my army as it is). This would make the ripper smaller and look meaner, I think.
I might add a thread tassel to the handle of his knife, but, probably not. I'm considering shaping the blade a bit as well, but haven't decided on how.

I'll have to find something for the demolition charge he carries as well Smile

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I found a bolt pistol, trimmed off the hand holding it, cut off the barrel, and used a 1/16" drill bit to make a slight depression in the muzzle end. I had a bit of a missile for a missile launcher from which the tip had previously been removed, cut off the stabilizer fins, and decided that would make a good barrel for a snipery pistol, et voila!

MkII of my Ripper Pistol design is, I think, better than MkI Razz There's still some mod work to go on it, I think, but that should be a good start platform.
Ankhanu on Sat May 18, 2013 10:34 pm
I realize that I never posted a "completed" post for this one... perhaps because I haven't quite completed it and it still needs a little work. That said, it's basically done; I need to add a demolition charge and perhaps do some paint touchups here and there and do some basing (making the base a scene, not just a black disc), but that'll come later. Overall, I'm kinda pleased, even if in the most recent editions of the game and the Imperial Guard Codex, he's no longer an option.

Ankhanu on Mon Sep 01, 2014 7:53 pm
I was in need of a decent mini to use as my Pathfinder character, an elf Magus; a spellcaster/fighter combined class. For a while, I was using a painted up Librarian Turmiel without the power backpack on it, but it was a little bulky for use with the other Pathfinder minis, and didn’t really appear elf-y.
I decided to use an Eldar farseer as a the base; that would give a dynamic pose and the right sort of body type. I just needed to alter it to fit a fantasy setting and to have a scimitar, like my character. I replaced the helmeted Eldar head with a bare Eldar Guardian head, and trimmed the singing spear off and replaced it with a scimitar from a Dark Elf Corsairs kit.

I was having some issues with the sword breaking off, and didn’t like the tilt of the blade in relation to the hilt/hand, so I took a little care and pinned the sword in place, adding some space that I filled with greenstuff. So far the mod has held, and the orientation is much better.

A simple custom kit, but it works pretty well. Best part is it can still be used as a Farseer with wytchblade, a model configuration that I didn’t otherwise have in my roster.
Ankhanu on Mon Sep 07, 2015 4:43 am

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