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My Wife's Warhammer? - Eldar

Yep, more Warhammer. This is my blog, deal with it Wink

About two weeks ago, I played a game of Warhammer with my wife, splitting my army up into two 500pt. groups, so that I would be forced to learn the rules in preparation for the tournament I played last weekend. She didn't want to play, but agreed simply to help me out. Despite her initial feelings and reservations, she did approach the game with an open mind, and had some fun in spite of herself.
Her primary objections (aside from the same "it's expensive" objection I have) centered around her dislike of the model designs for the Space Marines and such that I was playing, they weren't her aesthetic. She's more interested in a steam-punk or fantasy aesthetic. With this in mind, we started looking through the different non-Space Marine armies to see if anything caught her eye. She liked a couple rare/expensive styles of Imperial Guard (the Armageddon Steel Legions and the Death Korps of Krieg), and kinda liked the Eldar, aside from their conical hemlets. She likes the idea of long range combat more than hordes of troops, so kind of decided on Eldar. A friend's little brother played some Warhammer with his friends back in the 90s and he had some Eldar that weren't being used, so I contacted them about buying them and did some research on used market value of what was there so that my wife would have an ok base around which to build an army, and some models to paint (which she is mostly interested in).

The little army is an Eldar Battle Force box set, plus a metal Farseer and Warlock:

The Warlock is a little useless, however, as they are supposed to be in groups of 3-5; there's no way to really use just one.

In the Battle Force box was:
.: 20 Eldar Guardians (troops)

.: 3 Eldar Guardian Jetbikes

.: an Eldar Vyper Jetbike

.: an Eldar Falcon

All together, there's about 500pts of units in the set.
As you can see, the plastic models were fairly sloppily assembled, using a model glue that bonded the plastics; given the age and sloppy gluing we determined the value to be about $40; well assembled stuff would be about $60-70 used, and buying new kits would cost about $215.

I don't know how my wife plans to paint these yet. It should be interesting to see what she makes of them.

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Perhaps foolishly, I hit up eBay to augment my wife's army. I spent about $140 and brought her army up to ~2,000 points (and about $60 of that is shipping charges from England to Canada). Once it all arrives, her total collections will look like this:

.: Farseer w/ Singing Spear
--- Warlock x3 (Witchblade x2, Singing Spear x1)
.: Phoenix Lords
--- Asurmen (Dire Avengers)
--- Jain Zar (Howling Banshees)
--- Fuegan (Fire Dragons)
--- Maugan Ra (Dark Reapers)

.: Howling Banshees x8 + Exarch
.: Fire Dragons x3 + Exarch (Need to proxy 1)

.: Dire Avengers x7 + Phoenix Lord Asurmen (x2)
.: Guardians - Catapaults x43
--- Heavy Weapons Platforms x2 (+4 Guardians)
--- Storm Guardians x13
.: Guardian Jetbikes x3

.: Swooping Hawks x4 (need to proxy 1)
.: Vyper Jetbike

.: Falcon
.: DarK Reapers x8 + Exarch
.: Wave Serpent

We played a game last night, 500 pts, with what she has on hand versus my Dark Angels. I figured I'd slaughter her, and, well, I did. The current collection is relatively weak, and susceptible to tough units like space marines. She had a hard time hurting my marines, and my marines' weapons could punch right through her armour.
Once the other stuff arrives, however, if she constructs the force right, she'll be giving me a run for my money.
Ankhanu on Mon Apr 29, 2013 11:52 pm
Well, it's been a while, and the Eldar force has grown.

A friend had a friend with a friend that left the hobby, played Eldar, and gave his army away for free. As a result, my friend has sent me a chunk of that army to fill things out. A bunch more Guardians, some Wave Serpents, a Falcon, Howling Banshees, Dire Avengers, and a bunch of other stuff. I have the collection sitting on a shelf -

I've been meaning to mount the Swooping Hawks I'd gotten from eBay as if they were flying for about a year now... and I've finally gotten around to mounting them.
I drilled holes into the model's foot, through the base, and ran some wire through the base and into the foot. The wire had to be coiled under the base to keep it in place, and I held it all together with PVA glue and a penny for rigidity and some balancing weight. It took a few days for the glue to actually dry under the penny.

I've since based the models with a coat of aircraft grey paint from Reaper, but haven't finalized what sort of colour scheme I want to paint them.
I'm going to need at least one more to actually play them on the table without proxies, though, they come in a unit of 5, but I only have 4.
Ankhanu on Sat Jan 03, 2015 6:49 pm
They're pretty amazing. Great you've been able to mount them. Must have been a worry to manage them otherwise.
deanhills on Sat Jan 03, 2015 11:44 pm

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