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Mission Hill - Millennial fun :D

In the beginning of the millennium, there were a few adult-oriented cartoons that made their way to our television networks… for one season only. Most people that I talk to readily remember Clone High and Undergrads, and we reminisce on the amusement we had watching them (I also own Clone High on DVD, so have watched it through a few times). Mission Hill, however, seems to largely go unremembered, and I'm not sure quite why. Mission Hill is slightly older than the other two, but, here in Canada, they all made their way onto our screens about the same time.
I just found a copy of the Mission Hill episodes, and am re-watching them.

All three shows were character driven, social commentary comedy gold in their own styles: Clone High was a bit sillier, referential comedy with some reliance upon juxtaposition; Undergrads was primarily an exploration the transition from childhood to adulthood and the mistakes and steps taken along the way; Mission Hill was a bit more grounded in the dispair and disillusionment in (then) modern slacker society… but in all three, it was really the characters that drove the content/comedy.
I found Mission Hill pretty relatable at the time, and re-watching, I still do. At least physically, the younger brother character, Kevin, somewhat resembled a nerdy friend of mine, which add(ed/s) to the comedy factor, perhaps. I'm about half way through the season now, and the laughs keep comin'; I'm quite enjoying the nostalgia and the general content itself all over again.

Basically, Mission Hill is awesome, and I dislike that so few people seem to remember it.

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