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New 365 Project - daily drawing

As a kid and teen, I used to draw and paint all the time, and occasionally sculpt or etch… but, by the time my twenties rolled around I kind of lost a lot of inspiration, and let things slip in inactivity. In my pauses, I lost a lot of my skill, which meant that any time I had inspiration or an idea to work on, I could no longer bring it to paper the way that I wanted to, which is exceptionally discouraging, and caused me to stop my efforts. I've tried starting to practice and rebuild skill and regain some creativity, but tended to stop after a short period… this brings us to my new project.

In the vein of the 365 photo projects I've done in the past (first one a success, second one halted by a computer melt-down after 4 months), I'm starting a year of drawing (etc.) to rebuild skills, and just get me creating in general.
I was kind of planning on starting on my birthday, but that's still a little bit off, and completely arbitrary. I was visiting a friend, and started to mention my plan to start drawing when she interjected asking if I drew today yet, I said no, and she said we should start now… so I did Razz One day to start is as good as any other, really. So the project has begun!

Day 1 -
Chalk pastel is a medium I haven’t used since about high school (~14 years), and one I didn’t use often… in general, I don’t have a tonne of experience working with colour, even. I had no ideas going in, and this is what resulted from a couple curves of brown.

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Day 2 -
A different direction than the first; something a little more familiar, but heavily unpracticed… the ol’ HB pencil on paper. I tried just drawing a fish head from my head, but it wasn’t turning out, so I tried a used up bird chew toy hanging on the cage next to me. I need practice, but that’s the whole point of this project!

Day 3 -
Generic (imaginary) carabid beetle; pencil on paper.
Initially I was just doing an elytron, then just kept going for a bit… working from memory/imagination, I combined shapes and features from Pterostichus, Carabus, Notiophilus, and others, along with an eroding memory of what to look for Wink
Ankhanu on Thu Jan 17, 2013 6:30 pm
Day 4 - front kick; pencil on paper. Figure without reference

Ankhanu on Fri Jan 18, 2013 6:28 am
Great idea Ankhanu,Your drawing skills are good from what I can see.

It will be interesting to follow your daily sketch,if you keep it up that is. Wink I imagine there will be some days when you are super busy in your every day life when all you can pencil is a smiley face. Smile
truespeed on Fri Jan 18, 2013 6:36 am
Wow! Artist, photographer and musician. Seems to be a theme there. I really like that last sketch of yours. Pretty striking. Details in the foot are amazing. Very Happy
deanhills on Fri Jan 18, 2013 9:31 am
Thanks, guys.
I'm going to TRY to do something every day, but, yeah, sometimes things fall to the wayside. We'll see how long it goes, and how I manage to improve.

Gonna have to come up with an idea for today's effort!!!
Ankhanu on Fri Jan 18, 2013 11:49 pm
I really like your drawing with the chalk pastels. I feel like I'm looking at elements in nature fighting with each other but they're spun together nicely, in a sort of harmony. O.O I don't normally think to deeply about art like that. I just like the colour and the swirly bits...
TheGremlyn on Sat Jan 19, 2013 12:02 am
Gremlyn - That's part of the fun with art, finding out what it brings out in us. The artist's intent is secondary to the observer's reaction and what they derive from it. Your interpretation of elements of nature fighting with each other, spinning harmoniously is an interesting one, and has me thinking Smile Quite glad you enjoy it!

Day 5 - Quill, digital...
I've only played with digital imaging a couple times in the past, but, I had my iPad in hand, and I need to go to bed soon, so... that's what I tried. I did this with SketchBookX for iPad, with a capacitive touch stylus.
Clearly, digital drawing is something I am going to need to work on for some time to gain any level of competency, and I just gave up on trying to make something decent for tonight. There's a lot to get used to and things behave rather differently than physical media, with some lag between action and result, and the level of precision you can achieve. I've seen some incredible pieces done on iPhones and iPads, but, this isn't one of them Wink

Sorry if you're looking at this Razz

Ankhanu on Sat Jan 19, 2013 6:59 am
Day 6&7 - Elf; pencil

Atarted drawing the ear last night during my weekly Pathfinder game, intending to just draw the ear… ran out of time during the game and put it away to add to today… got a little tired adding hair, so stopped for now. I may come back later to rework this another day.

I'm likely going to stop updating each image here, but feel free to follow along with my Tumblr;
Ankhanu on Mon Jan 21, 2013 5:12 am
Interesting ear there .... is there a symbolism to it? Very Happy
deanhills on Mon Jan 21, 2013 8:21 am
I was never very good at drawing human features. I've seen so many others just flow right through the initial foundation of the features and then add the details. I've read books on it too but it is still beyond me. I like the details of the neck and jaw and the shading.
TheGremlyn on Mon Jan 21, 2013 5:54 pm
No, no symbolism (that I'm aware of)... my character in our Pathfinder campaign is an Elf Magus, though.

Gremlyn - it's still largely beyond me too. I can (could?) occasionally manage to do faces, but, they're usually not very good... and I have many, MANY drawings that I'd almost completed that just have a blank head shape where eyes/nose/mouth should be. Faces aren't easy; I had a much easier time with hands than faces, though now I can't do hands neither Razz
Ankhanu on Mon Jan 21, 2013 11:00 pm
I was taking a look at your tumblr yesterday, very good job! I'm not able to maintain a project like 365. I was trying to write one aphorism per day and I gave up in my second week. But I think I was able to write some pretty good aphorisms before I quit...
Vanilla on Tue Jan 22, 2013 2:18 am
I saw the raven you did. Liked that one. I'm not sure what it is about it. It's simple, very few lines to it, but it clearly looks like a bird. The eyes turned out well too.
TheGremlyn on Sat Jan 26, 2013 5:02 pm
As usual, it's not really about anything; it actually evolved from messing around. I just purchased ProCreate for my iPad, so was testing brushes and performance; I made the sweeps that became the closer wing tip, saw something that evoked an idea of a wing, and went in that direction... the raven was the result.

This is the image:

I've not really worked in digital media before, I've poked here and there in the past couple years, but the past two weeks has seen me actually give it a go. The sort of minimalist line style is somewhat new to me and likely a result of the new medium. I kinda like it, and I suppose we'll see how it evolves as I gain experience Razz

The raven is a crop of a larger image. Like I said, I was testing brushes and effects in the app, and I was starting to paint a background... but, I was using different brush styles, and different styles in general, and the raven and background don't mesh; they're too disparate in style... so I cropped the raven out. The full image is below.
Ankhanu on Sat Jan 26, 2013 8:20 pm
Looks like a different style of drawing. Think I like it.
deanhills on Sun Jan 27, 2013 4:04 am

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