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Designing a guitar

A thread over on asking how we would design a signature guitar model got me into guitar design mode a little... so I started throwing together a scale mock-up of some general design ideas I've had for a little while.

The basis (as can be seen in the scale length, bridge, switch plate and lower horn) is a Fender Jaguar, as it's one of my favourite guitars, and incorporating some design ideas from other guitars, like my Schecter Ultra VI, the Fender Mustang, the Fender Johnny Marr Signature Jaguar, and some personal ideas.

Here's what I came up with; thoughts are appreciated:
.: Neck pickup - Jaguar vintage single coil
.: Bridge pickup - P90
.: Bridge - Fender floating tremolo (Jaguar/Jazzmaster)
.: Switching - 5-position blade switch (1: neck, 2: Neck+Bridge - out of phase, 3: Neck+Bridge - parallel, 4: Neck+Bridge - series, 5: Bridge)
.: Controls - Volume (1MegaOhm), Tone (1MegaOhm), high-pass filter (.003F)
.: Body - Alder
.: Neck - Bolt-on, maple, rosewood finger board, binding, clay dots, vintage fret wire (.080" X .037")
.: Scale - 24
.: Radius - 7.25
.: Nut width - 1 5/8
.: Misc - headstock truss rod access, chrome switch and control plates, output jack on lower bout; headstock undecided, likely 6 on a side, possibly reversed

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Decided to do a little more playing around with designs, and went for a Gibson-inspired concept. I went with something kind of Moderne and Gretsch Jupiter Thunderbird with classic Les Paul sounds (and some extra flexibility).

This one, I overcorrected for the extra width of the first design, and the lower wing is probably a centimetre or two too narrow. The headstock is probably too short too; if I add a couple centimetres to it, it should make it look a little better, and make the angles less harsh.

.: Body with raised maple centre, maybe mahogany wings?
.: Set neck, or neck-thru, maple
.: Rosewood fretboard, binding, split trapezoid MoP inlays
.: 24.75 scale
.: 9.5 radius neck
.: Medium-Jumbo frets
.: 500k Vol/Tone, coil-split mini-toggle for each pickup
.: 3-way toggle pickup selector
.: PAF style, chrome covered humbuckers
.: Tune-o-Matic type hardtail
.: Side-mounted output
Ankhanu on Tue Oct 09, 2012 7:23 pm
I think I like the look of the second one. I don't know much about guitars so the specs are mostly beyond me, but I do understand a bit of the the materials and where they're being used. I just feel like I've seen the first design before, but the second one looks a little more unique. Have you made either of them or are they just ideas? Have you made a guitar before, cause that'd be pretty awesome!
TheGremlyn on Tue Feb 12, 2013 1:29 am
They both borrow concepts from existing models, combining them in ways I haven't seen and adding a few personal touches. The borrowed ideas bring the familiarity, I'm sure.

I haven't built them, no; I've never built a guitar. I've read about building them, but, that's not the same thing Wink As of yet, I haven't assembled the tools needed to start building, but hope to in the future. Unfortunately, equipping a decent shop is going to take some cash.
Ankhanu on Tue Feb 12, 2013 6:08 am

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