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What was the last movie you saw? ... I dunno!

I'm a bit of a geek in some ways... and one of the hallmarks of modern geeks is a certain penchant for pop culture media. Now, I do have my little media obsessions, for example, I've been a life-long Star Wars fan, to the point that no one will play games like Star Wars Trivial Pursuit with me, and that I play Star Wars table top roleplaying games, etc., but, I don't really care for movies in general. I've seen topics concerning things like the last movies people have seen, the last book read, last TV series watched and the like, and while I know what I read last, and I'm currently watching some TV shows, I really have no clue what the last movie I went to see was... or even WHEN I last went to the theatre. My guess is that it was a super hero movie, but I can't say for certain Razz

I find this fact a little odd, given that movies are such an important factor in general geek culture, and Western culture in general... yet I could really give a toss about them, for the most part. It makes me wonder why I don't care, and, so far, I haven't been able to come to any kind of conclusion. Why do I love Star Wars so much, yet won't sit through, oh, Inception?

I'll have to think more Razz

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The Countess... :S random... I need to go see a movie
TheLimey on Tue Mar 27, 2012 6:06 pm
Your not alone Ankhanu; I don't watch as much movies as I would like to, except for the last couple of days, since I was sick, and had my friends hard disk full of movies and serials.
I think I'm the only guy among my friends that does not have the popular satellite receiver to watch good movies, and I rarely go to the theatres. Only reason I'd go to theatres is for sci-fi movies and that too the star wars type.

I love Sci-fi as well, and am a star wars fan, but I'm not good at the trivia at all.

I think not everyone needs to be interested in movies all the time. Movies are just a time pass, and if you have something like a hobby that takes up your time, like your guitaring, and you being part of a band, that is more productive and entertaining at the same time.
menino on Wed Mar 28, 2012 8:44 am

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