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New Guitar Day - G&L Legacy; super deal!

I popped in to the local pawn shop on a lark today, ya know, just in case there was one of those really good deals. I've never encountered one of those really good deals, but ya never know, right? Well, today was my day. Hanging with the garbage guitars that they had was a trans-red G&L Tribute Legacy. I picked it up to take a peek and saw the price was only $150! I assumed that they simply didn't recognize it, and know that they had a decent brand of guitar... it's worth $300-400.
I left without it, thinking that I should have bought it. I asked around a little bit later and the consensus was that my instinct on the price was right, so I went back in to get it, planning to try and haggle a bit.
I got back in and asked to test the guitars out, and played a few of the other ones they had and then tested the G&L, mostly to make sure the electronics were good; testing through their Squier Champ 15, it sounded ok and all the pickups, switches and pots worked just fine, and the output jack was solid. At $150, it was a deal, but, the tremolo arm and its set screw were missing. I asked if they had them (which they didn't), which had them in a frame of mind to shift the price to move the guitar. They checked the computer and offered to let me have it for $85, since it was missing the trem arm. I pretended to think about it and reluctantly agreed Razz
What a bargain Smile

(I do have the back plate, but I'm still messing with the trem)

I took it home, cleaned it up, changed the strings and gave it a basic set up. It plays quite well, though the fretboard is flatter than I'd prefer, it's still nice.
When I plugged it in to my friend's Fender RocPro 1000, I found the pickups had a super sharp attack, and it sounded pretty snappy and a little thin. The humbucker sounded different and useable both split and full. The pickups were a bit hotter than those in my other guitars too. All in all the guitar sounded pretty Strat-like (as it should) though a bit thin.

I then started looking into the tone control system and found that it's somewhat different than the tone controls of a normal Strat, with a bass cut knob and a treble cut knob, so when they're full on, the bass is severely filtered out and the treble is backed off a bit, and when they're set to 0, it becomes very bassy and thick. Since I had the tone knobs at 10 when I tested it, it was providing a pretty thin sound. I rolled the bass cut to about 5-7 and it sounded much fuller, and more properly Strat-y. The Treble knob acts as a bit of a Presence control, bringing the sound more subtly between sparkly and punchy.

With these controls: volume, bass cut, treble cut, 5-way pickup selection and humbucker coil split, there are a lot of sounds on tap. So far I love this thing, and at $85, I am pleased as punch with myself for having scored it. I think I found my Strat Smile

I can't wait to play this through my own amp and other gear!

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Took a little research, but I figured out what I have.

2005 G&L Tribute Legacy HB Premium
Pickups: Neck&Middle - G&L Vintage Style Alnico V (6.4K - 7.0K), Bridge - G&L AW4370B Alnico humbucker (13.4k)
Controls: Volume, PTB Tone control (Bass cut, Treble cut) , Humbucker coil split, 5-way pickup selector
Bridge: G&L Legacy Dual Fulcrum vibrato (2-spring)
Body: 2pc. Swamp Ash
Neck: Maple
Fretboard: Rosewood
Neck Radius: 12" radius
Neck Width: 1 5/8"
Inlays: MOP plastic dot
Tuners: 18:1 sealed back
Ankhanu on Wed Mar 21, 2012 5:45 pm
Fantastic deal, Ankhanu!!! Very Happy Dancing Applause
standready on Wed Mar 21, 2012 9:33 pm
I'm still super pleased with it, Standready. Thanks Smile

More info!!
I've been messing around with the guitar for the past few days, testing it out, and while I quite like the sound, the tuning stability isn't as good as I'd like. This could be due to the strings being new and not properly stretched out, or it could be me not really understanding the idiosyncrasies of the Strat-style dual fulcrum bridge design and I haven't quite set it up properly yet. Either way, playing bends and using the trem less than subtly results in the guitar going fairly t0 somewhat out of tune. In time, I'll get this figured out and it'll be as steady as my Jaguar's trem Wink

I've been playing the guitar through my friend's RocPro 1000 since I got it Tuesday, and yesterday I was finally able to play it through my Twin Reverb, and it sounds even better, I think Wink

I gigged with it last night, using it with my gear for the first time. Gotta say, through my Twin Reverb, it sounded pretty solid, I liked it. Again, with the tuning thing, I had to tune between songs, which I don't have to do with my Jaguar or Telecaster, but it wasn't out too bad... mind you, I was concerned about tuning so we changed the order of the songs in the set so that the one where I do leads and bends came after the one that's all bar chords to minimize the effect. That said, I transported the guitar without a case and hung it on a stand when I got home; when I picked it up this morning and went to tune, it was pretty much perfectly in pitch, so who knows.

I decided to use the stereo feature of my bass chorus pedal to run the guitar to both my Twin and my friend's RocPro, and it was pretty fun; I quite liked the sound... not that I'd ever consider lugging two amps to a show to do it live Razz I also tested it out using the RocPro distortion channel along side the Twin clean, to great effect; nicely defined.
Ankhanu on Fri Mar 23, 2012 10:23 pm
Did a demo video for the folks over at my first demo/video upload Razz

Ankhanu on Sat Mar 24, 2012 7:40 pm
Nice deal for a great guitar, Ankhanu!
Looks great and sounds great too.
menino on Sun Mar 25, 2012 8:30 am

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