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Take It, cover sleeve smile fingertips

Yilianyoumeng long, midnight love is young.

Dawn to who dyed the coming into cream? Leila thousand lines.

The vast wine unpaid monthly people, white Shaonian Lang.

Little knowledge is a sad volume on the mirror, how to hide? Dark thoughts, dare to forget?

- Shallow drunk

Time defects have Faith, Hope and the sky really pure, good memories in my mind gradually freeze storage, the familiar scene, in the years the river has long been scrubbing a stranger. The warmth left in the palm of your hand, have changed the dismal, but also with the memory slowly cooled. Had inexperienced young of heart, in front of the vanity of life, and gradually, by the impatience becomes calm. With the passage of time, the beautiful youth in silence slowly die out, but no need to complain, because of the long road of life has only just begun. Of the way of life in this scattered, with a devout heart slowly walking, I wonder if my cautious step, whether we can take the future of a pure and fragrant? -

Difficult to cease the years pass you by, just as those who can not retain things, even though there is too much sadness and love, it has also been to no avail. May be lost, doomed can not have too much to insist that the only just adding unnecessary wounds, sinking unrepentant heart, just made me find it difficult to put down. Quietly sort out the broken state of mind at this time of silence made me produce a trance, slack tired, sometimes I do not know how to let go. Just some things, though has long been recognized, but could not find an excuse to forget, seemingly uninhibited behind the smile, I do not know the hidden camouflage? It seems absurd, I do not know the shortage of the thoughts of who? This has nothing to do in the past and once in the past, let me jealously guarding spend the residue, alone with moonset, a passionate Maple Leaf's unconventional, to pay homage to the wrong edge of the mortal world. -

Yellowing of the memory in my mind slowly fall off, leaned over to light pickup already broken all over the floor, and perhaps should not forget that really should not remember, but going to the toilet may God give me such a strong memory, he served as How do I want all things shake off ring true, I have repeatedly insisted, everything seemed so futile. -

Can not be excluded disputes about the Red, all day long the imagination really can be described as a painful torment. This scattered the Red, I forget myself, forget the past, only that can not forget you, you give me those memories I wonder if I should be more strong to do forgotten? May miss is a poison, once infected, will become the strange, but in the end, even though it is sad not afford, but difficult to find the courage to quit this pain. In this Red Dust, maybe everything is just fantastic, until a certain day he really woke up, the so-called persistent, it is only a self-deceiving lies an exaggerated gorgeous bluff just no. -

Life seems like a dream, Health of a century, but a short span of short-term only. The meantime just always avoid a lot of ups and downs to go in this roundabout way of life, I do not know who encounter will be the most beautiful embellishment of my life the way? I have been looking for, but no fruit so far. Perhaps in a casual moment, look back at their own way to go, perhaps the way will be the beauty of stacked raw, so I linger, but I can not worth while to stop, because my dream in the distance, hand touch can not places. -

In one of the world, surrounded always so quiet, away from the hustle and bustle, brushed inner manic, with a casual mood to perceive the world of this strange and familiar. May in a moment suddenly the discovery, had to devote so much energy that you want to forget people and things really become forgotten in his own obsession. May be thinking of is not deep enough, read enough cut it, but in the rivers of this years, all the dedication and wait for it looks so superficial in quiet retrospect, everything has been with the memory Shen submerged. -

Graver disorder years of face, loss of life in the staged, I only wish in the future life on the way, can be owned by a calm, to a better life decorate. Any of the years weathered stained white I am full of tenderness, I will cherish the memory go back with a smile once. -

Bliss seems like a dream, wake up all all empty. The success or failure with, cover sleeve smile dream once.

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