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you no longer was the appearance

The Xiaofeng accompanied Mitrephora shadow chaos difficult to piece together. -

The moon alone kept leaning against the cold floor, cool light the passage wrapped sleeves. -

A sense to ask the flute playing, the gravity of silent tears. -

Cups Utah grip the bit of wine, bronze mirrors do not change the face thin. -

Beauty face hung two lines of worry and want to say that the language they break. -

The word love has been worrying how pull Yuanyang buckle? -

- Shallow drunk -

Deserted night in the long wait, it has become no gentle meaning, as if all the day after the residual blank, warm and casual but, surrounded by a silence, and even the heart showing a cold-like really do not know Desolace sense when only scattered retreat. Now guarding an unlatched window, quietly to comb the thoughts. Between nothing else, pick up a lost and Seiki, by the pale moonlight, I light dip a bunch of months of pure condensate to make the fingers of the final residual trace of pneumatic incomplete rendering I am filled with sadness and Parting. I do not know the little Shuxing and Danyue the possibility of mercy? Although this situation does not wind and the moon, but only wish at full of affection, along spilled thousands of miles of moonlight, sent me the yearning gently away Xinjing swaying of the distance. -

Still wanton wisp of cool breeze from the face glide, and suddenly my heart derived from a miss by the emptiness, perhaps because leisure swore a long time sake. Looking at the busy hanging a solitary months in the night sky, the heart seems to have emerged with a touch of wistful sense. Would simply leave the earthly noise, closed the casement, with a worldly heart, alone in the moonlight free tours. -

Deserted at night, and less of others disturb the mind active. Still familiar with the road along the forward side of the scene has not changed, but the heart always think less of what was deserted. Sweeping moonlit light Shuxing nestled in the pale night sky, it is a secret way in dotted the solitude of the month. Ruoyouruowu scenery looming around, look real, though not in the daytime, but there is a specious hazy state, give the impression of limitless space for imagination. Front of a residual, if the hooks of silver, solitary months to ponder alone wandering, thinking slumped between flashes produce a missed expectations by the, but implicated unclear retrospective yearning for a better constant desire disappointment desire and disappointment overlap, another round of accumulation to become pale and silent. -

Along the direction of moonlight spilled forward, that the Jew dark landscape around convulsively give a nondescript disorder of sense. In this way the road lost on the road in front of a pond instantaneous then appeared in the front, by the dim moonlight wait and see from afar, the solitude of the night sky, the stars of a few sparse hidden in the pale moonlight. stars and the moon in the night sky, faint but is now again the atmosphere of this tranquil place is dotted with more soft. Laxative under the moonlight, projected onto the surface of the lake, originally hazy water dumping contingent thrown Seiki. Looking at the water surface ponder a half months, the tile on the lake, a short clear moonlight, whether as the original makeup as pure? Now looking at the months of floating in the water away thinking distance, but also had to look bleak nothing, everything looked good illusion. Floating shadow, moon in water, come to ideas to ash. Past, Cheng pulls hard to follow, the actual situation matched how to distinguish non-? Bursts of breeze blowing, the lake ripples left lying under the shadow of the moon so dissipated. Immediate fragmentation floating month's hard to piece together a complete, I do not know which retain no sense of loss, whether as that printed on the mind in the face of clear and hidden dark fuzzy? -

Wandering in the moonlight, when Mindful of the past, his thoughts are in constant expectation quietly flashing, with the transformation of mind, way back have long thin became a crescent moon. This can not help but think at first to see when OK, that glimpse of gazing, I do not know throws me how many of the affair? Every moonrise, when the most difficult to forget the end is the face of you that on a moonlit night under the graceful shy, elegant and refined as water lotus. Only in the past clouds, moonlight too in bringing the left would be too much regret, too many dreams can not go round. Now I am alone guarding this incomplete moonlight anxiety, I do not know whether there will be pain cycle after the next season of full moon night? Maybe life is precisely because the presence of regret, so before the beauty of defects of the highlights so precious.

Life if it is really only as strike through, So what is to have the number of heart care in mind? And other leisure degree of months the wind, the pity has shown signs of makeup capacity, Resentment no longer regret passionate sky and smile to anyone listen? Strike men, and let I am full of longing for the first road alone in the moonlight, wistful past and present, with the trace of nostalgia, so that the final lament into a lengthy Teana Overture, carrying this tie down thin thoughts, let me and the wind and the line, under the moonlit night on him, gradually dissipated in the cloud hidden depths, the depths of ..

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