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Struggle to write regrets youth

Beautiful things in the world hundreds of thousands, but none more beautiful than the young; precious thing in the world can not count, but no different than the youth is even more valuable. How much we be proud of how people envy ah! We just squander time, just enjoyment, not to struggle hard, and that we really considered to have youth? The answer is no, we only who had become hard work in order to be worthy of the youth, worthy of life, can have a full and perfect youth.

The struggle of youth to the beautiful scenery is the ten million youth in the heart of the struggle, and that 10 million pairs of wings in the sky, dressed with the finest and most beautiful and precious life season - youth. The young become the starting point of the life the good life. "Young, in their prime, the student emotion, Qiu Hui Fang exclusion." Beckons the youth of the struggle of a great man. Their youth and full of struggle and passion filled with beautiful, Today, youth is in our hands, we can not tolerate the youth in our hands in vain passage, we can not waste time in a sigh, we can not end their lives in sighs. So let us work hard in the youth season! The flower of youth bloom forever in our hearts, writing a roll of impressive life.

Youth in the struggle to show a beautiful, youthful beauty will always show in her struggle and hard work into. Beautiful like the eagle is to show fight the wind to blow the rain, such as heaven the soul of the soaring, with youth, why not overshadowed by Yong Rui cowardice to being 'raised the sails of struggle! Like an eagle fighting the sky, in the choppy sea to show the splendor of youth and strength of our children and generation! Song of Youth and Young spirited melody, so that our statement issued by the dazzling light.

Struggle to describe the regrets of youth, the long road of life, youth, although only short, but when you white-haired look back, you will find once owned by the youth, still flashing moving glory in the memory. Youth regrets the pursuit of each of us, we can only grasp the good of youth every day, the torrent poured into the constant struggle, we can proudly say: "my youth is no regrets."

Lei Feng said: "youth, ah, is always better, but the true youth belongs only to those people who always strive, always selfless labor of people, always a humble person!" It is only the struggle for their dreams constantly forward toward the our own goal ahead, we can have a real youth and regrets.

The world of youth, your mind does not require consolidation, only the pursuit of beautiful dreams, the person in front of thorns we must persevere. Let us like a river, constantly flowing towards the sea! On the long road of life, and write a note of youth, leaving the footprint of the struggle.

Raising the sails of youth, our struggles and dreams, when we strive hard to shake the pulp, the success of the gate slowly opened for us, we will enjoy a beautiful youth, the joy of a successful harvest of .

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thank you for this.. very well done im writing a book with the youth growing up in a world like this im trying to find what people are really think about our youth and what the youth have to say about it i got a lot from this blog thank you..
Sara_Marie on Wed Apr 04, 2012 6:48 pm

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