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51 words you read quite insightful life Barilla

Youth is open to not close the book, Life is embarked on a road not head back, love to throw on not being paid the bet.

Every day to complain to the sun, the mood would not have a calcium deficiency.

To lose lost to the pursuit, marry married happiness.

Meet, state of mind such as the fluffy white clouds; owned, heart flowers, such as rain swirling; miss the mind, such as quicksand raging. Looking back, times past, such as blue night was clear.

(5) is obviously stupid, saying that it is the reverse thinking.

6 people above, it is necessary when a person: the person under, put their own people.

Life is born, to live.

Road is a refractory wounds of the earth, therefore life every step of the faint pain.

9 If everything with her to go, that is, worldly people at ease.

10 love is like pi, infinite loop does not.

11 Internet years, such as throwing knives, knife ruthlessly age a man. Revolution is the most important body, the Internet do not sit up all night.

12 life's long road, has been lost.

13 Some of the beginning and ending of the story created doomed, regardless of the process can be used Pandora's Box to change the number of times.

14 youth, once the pawn, you can never be redeemed.

15 so-called low-key without a trace of high-profile.

16 Do not always blame God for your injustice, in fact, God does not know who you are.

17 do not expect that all people can understand you, radish, cabbage, and all have love. You do carrots, naturally, impossible to do the vegetables.

18 beautiful love, the church and how we see an imperfect person.

19 night gave me a black mouse, but I use it the game until dawn.

20 if the youth time spent in idle, then the memories of the years will be a dismal tragedy. ! !

21 or forbearance, or cruel.

22 Do not the old sad waste of tears.

23, the most blatant form of flattery, is a shrew Sapo "as is" Drunken Beauty ".

The youth is crazy run, and then gorgeous falls.

25 In fact, we can attribute all the problems into two: one is no food to hungry out; a full hold out.

26 read the book ten years, think of it in kindergarten with better mix.

27 What is happiness? Happiness is a cat fish, dog meat, Altman played little monster.

28 Life is not dress rehearsal, live every day, only low ratings, but wages are not high.

29 in the summer is not good, poor northwest wind did not drink.

30 is always shiny gold, but when the Montreal gold not know which pieces.

31 so-called romantic to help his wife buy a cabbage pulled back a rose!

32. As the money for the dirt, I, as the money for the dirt! Are dirt afraid!

33 Happiness is a relatively level, things have only felt bottom to.

34 mature heart is not getting old, but the tears in the eyes round and round, but keep smiling.

35 each person is born when the original, sad thing is, many people gradually became pirates!

36 The ideal is full, the reality is very skinny.

37 not ready please do not start, no please do not promise.

38 inspiration, not Cao Cao that come.

39 Life is a chapter full of regret because she did not have the opportunity to let you modify the wrong sentences.

40. The furthest distance in the world is not the distance between two trees, but the branches of the same root growth can not depend on each other in the wind.

41 you are not RMB, how to make everyone like you?

42 everyone in the world are God biting an apple ... some people defect is relatively large, it is because God in particular, will love her fragrance.

43 If you have to lose, I hope it is sad! If you have to forget, I hope that is in trouble!

44 Life is like my voice, but not tricky, when without the tone.

We can not waste time, we waste only our own.

46 angry one minute, not only do not get any pleasure, but also lose 60 seconds of happiness.

47. As long as you feet still on the ground, on Do not they look too light; as long as you live on Earth, they do not they look too much.

48 Each heart is not prison, but wants to shut sad, while we have not yet old, or they are released.

49, the most important way to express their love to the children than for a father to love his mother.

50 men: age of twenty semi-finished products; the age of thirty is finished; forty is fine; the age of fifty is the best; the age of sixty samples; 70 at the age of souvenirs.

51 marriage trilogy: the first year, the men said, woman listening; the second year, the woman said the men listening; the third year, the men and women together, said, the neighbors listen.

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