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Make an effort to person tow

I was small I have been asked the same question, my answer is nothing more than class teachers, the People's Liberation Army, and scientists. Time flash stream went on for twenty years, then children, now is the adult in his early forties. But think carefully, I declare in front of the adults had the ambition, the actual one not achieved. Everybody else around me too. Some want to be a teacher, but later became self-employed; want to be a People's Liberation Army, it was actually made prisoner. Two missed my friends when I was in college, they now are China's electronic industry, talented people, a growth for the CEOs of the "Konka Group, a leader in the TCL Group. Three unexpected and naturally become the operators of the backbone enterprises of China's color TV, but then graduated from college, regardless of how much imagination, we do not dare to think that after ten years into what it is. All in the struggle to breathe, step-by-step efforts to We are not so much ideal, as it has been working.

Not that we do not attach importance to the ideal, but because the tree is easy to ambition, efforts difficult for the ideal life since ancient times. Who would have thought ten years ago today, I was a hesitation in the street, people anxious for survival? I was, nothing, no future, I really do not know road where. However, I did not discouraged, in retrospect, and support I have gone through this rough years will character. When many people think that I have not, the die, I'm still doing the efforts from the ground up, I firmly believe that life is like Maradona play, tend to be about to fall to the "goal" get vitality. This is true mountain darkly when the collapse of a company in Hong Kong gave me second chances, so that I can cooperate with the British scientific and technical personnel to master the latest technology in the world, to develop advanced technology of color television machine, which led in one fell swoop out of the woods.

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