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Call of the embarrassing

Just over the security screeners saw a long time staring at my box in the x-ray screen, pointing inside a metal shadow asked me what

? I was about to explain, she suddenly like, loudly: Oh, this can be! Metal grinding rod, right? Immediately surrounding

All cast a strange look shocked, obscure, appreciate, there are Se Mimi. I just want the sky and shouted: mud

Ma! I dub microphone!
A young man to the barber shop haircut, he asked: "haircut how long?" The barber looked at the store's customers, said: "about two hours." Young man walked. A few days later this young man a haircut, a door asked: "Barber have to wait how long?" Barber saw a store queuing customer said: "about three hours." The young man away. A week later the young man again, asked: "Barber have to wait how long?" Barber of Seville to see the store full of customers, said: "About four and a half hours." Young man walked. A friend looked at the store, the barber said: "Hey, Bill, follow this guy to see where he went, he always asked his barber how long, but it never came back." Little while. Bill back to the shop, laughing hysterically. The barber asked: "He left here the whereabouts of children?" Bill Raising the head, laughing, tears still hanging in the corner: "Go you home!"

One day, a newspaper headline: "the river a nun wandering criminals JW" The next day, newspaper headlines: "river Jingxian hundreds of nuns in the wandering

The old woman A: "afraid of your home Mr. Wang, 75, right? He always told to go behind the pretty girls, this is not right?" The old lady B: "Yes! Are 80 people that he loved with just you see the dog on the street, it does not also love chasing the car run? is to catch up, it also can not ***. "

Mom always suspected that I kicked the quilt ... go to my room at night to tuck me tired, so they forced me and her a bed to sleep. The middle of the night, I suddenly felt the quilt a little bit not ... turned out to be the mother put the quilt away wrapped to the body. Hard I pulled a few ... actually did not pull dynamic shining, and then ... was about to give up more, and the ... seem to wake up the mother touch my body actually naked, Zhuoqi me to hit dead Nizi tell you to kick the quilt and tell you to kick quilt!

I and my wife went to the Temple of the Reclining Buddha play, and his wife walk on the road, so I carry her. An old lady saw serious to say: see you read the book. The wife is sick or go to the hospital earlier, the Buddha is useless.

Xiao Ming and Xiao Hua to the zoo, door, Xiao Ming, pointing Xiaohua doorman said: "Oh look! Moment out, not to mention I stole your monkey!"

Small nanny voice is particularly large, the master told tonight to the identity of the person, speak sure to keep it down. After dinner, the owner, guests play cards, small nanny finished packing to go to bed earlier, so leaned the man of the house whispered: "I sleep, huh."

Sigh of the old leadership, you are more than happy ah, Miss everywhere, I time travel not only did Miss back to the family of seven huddled together would like to intimate what had Wang Menwai sprinkle sugar, and then shouted: "I hid my children your mother quickly grab the sugar! "

The words of my crush on a handsome long, long time, that person is practicing Sanda, sturdy that muscle .... I kept hearts throb, but people lump, no matter what I implied, in the class are aware of less than I loved him - finally, in the same dormitory roommate enthusiastic encouragement, I muster his life the greatest courage, in his textbook folder a note that read: "** month * * date night *, the third lesson of the school playground from the left under the tree, rain or shine. for shy girls, no signature ~ So, when I had long hair, wearing only a cowboy long skirt, half poetic, half shy and very much look forward to the mood, came to the tree than the scheduled time mentioned, very elegant ........ far away, he came behind several body position after faint a shadow, the night the moon is very bright, he saw the tree figure, shouted: that person dare to challenge? ! ... Behind him is a group of brothers, for him the strong momentum of the ~ ~

However Singles participate in the blind date of the General Assembly. The hostess asked him: you Where are you from? Engaged in what industry? Xiao Ming serious answer: I am in Shanghai, do IT. Lady in black ink on a blank Jia Binka solemnly wrote: SHIT No. 1, hanging in the Xiao Ming neck.

Patients are not satisfied with his ward. The doctor said: "I do not understand why you must want to change a ward? To know your next bed is a great sufferers, he is well-known comic." Patient interrupted him, said: "You're right, that you cut off the appendix, clutching his wound smiled all day long to see. "

Mayor: "the difficulty of the village family planning work has been great." Reporter: "Why?" Mayor: "Two years ago the village next to the repair of the railway, every morning, five o'clock train on time after, the sound of the whistle, the village people all woke up this hour, you are talking about come too early; you then go to sleep, the time is too short ... "

Bedroom on the 6th floor and found that the key did not take to climb down the stairs to ask Aunt Helena, and then climb up to the door, go also the key, and then climbed up to find the door closed, next to a classmate after he asked, "to see your door is not closed I can help you off. "

After graduation working in the field, the old computer to stay at home. Use in order to facilitate Mom Dad, I renamed the desktop shortcut for "movies", "point songs", "you do not, open your can not read," broke you responsible "and so on

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