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After the girl with boyfriend

A girl broke up with her boyfriend next to her classmates to comfort her: "That man, what a good, civil engineering, one will know

Road and "soil" and "wood"! "Next to the male students of software engineering, a heart gets half ...

English teacher marking composition was furious, said: "I have never seen such a bad essay!" Another teacher asked: "write what

? "The English teacher said:" The Prince and Princess story. "Ah." "What good, he had written at the beginning of the king

The child asked the princess' Can you speak Chinese? Princess "Yes!", Followed by all the Chinese! ! "

Seen on public class classroom wall, someone wrote on the wall: "Woman is the source of trouble, the woman is in trouble, woman

Is a lump of feces. "Later discovered that someone keep abreast said:" Men love trouble, and men love looking for trouble, man

Love to eat shit. "

Night with a single to help colleagues to K songs, men and women. Arrived in 22:00, a beautiful up and want to go. People advised to stay the

Brother said: "home Who? So early to go back to doing" beautiful bright smile: "Hey, I Jinwucangjiao brother

Said: "You are not men, possession of what Johnson?" A male colleague HLL's to answer: "banana" banana. . .


And friends go to the supermarket to buy shrimp. Ask the salesperson is not fresh, the salesman said that this shrimp is not dead just hibernating, and then ask us

How much to buy. I told my friend said: "Let's go, do not disturb their rest." Salesman moment petrochemical.

Suspected her husband was having an affair, suffer has been no evidence. Later, while he was taking a bath, changed his name to secretly take his cell phone

12520, and then sent him a text message: "replies the male name female name (such as Nicholas Tse with Cecilia Cheung), immediately Secret you and

Loved one's fate index, find the hit love! Only be charged the normal SMS charges [Fetion] Two of a Kind. The next day, I along

Lee knew Xiao San name.

And crush the long-female students go out to play. Finally, she suddenly said, "Tonight I can not go home. I have a simple, actually

Very concerned about retorted, "You did not come home to where ah".

A buddy pick a project Gailou to, the foundation is to be elected in a Luanfen Gang buddies the next day to buy firecrackers hung with a bunch of

Gold ingot Mingbi, came to the cemetery thump on the knees that: you aunts and uncles Big Brother Big Sister, I came to this Gailou of Zan

Are weekdays complain Recently, Wu Chou, you blame me, the floor became Behold between handy on where to live between ...

Yesterday to his brother at home, always good-natured sister in law storm hit 4-year-old nephew, one truth I laughed crazy. Sister in law in advance

Home, see the maddening scene: little nephew in the living room and pulled up the bubble going to the toilet, and then fed the dog ate the spoonful

Has lasted for more than a month. Sister-in-law came home from work every day first thing is to pick up the puppy a kiss.

Certain students so far has been bad, this test worse, father looked transcripts, very calm on the mother said: "I finally permit

In fact, in fact, I am your long lost Qinge! "Mom bewildered moment know what to do! At this time, the father suddenly refers to

His son shouted: "Otherwise, how will give birth to such an idiot!"

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