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Sherlock Homles

Have anybody read a Sherlock Homles book? It is fantastic. It is about a ditective called Sherlock Homles and his assistant Dr. Watson. It is a great masterpiect written y sir arthur connan doyle. There are many stories about Sherlock Homles. I like the Hound of the BaskerVillies the most. It is a very intresting Book...
I have read a lot of the original Arthur Conan Doyle Sherlock Holmes novels (but none of the Sherlock Holmes stories written by other authors after Doyle). I would agree that The Hound of the Baskervilles is one of the best and certainly one of the most well-known Sherlock Holmes stories. The Final Problem and The Problem of Thor Bridge are also amongst my favourites.

I suppose the Sherlock Holmes stories interest me mainly because of a) the mystery, and b) the way Holmes solves each case. His logical progression through the case combined with his eye for detail and ability to make less-obvious connections make for an interesting read.
try cannon the detective its a animation series in Japan
I've read the four Holmes novels, but only a handful of the short stories. Good stories, and great twists, especially The Sign of Four, which was in my opinion the far more well sructured one - I could follow it easier than the others. Though the best written in my opinion was The Hound of the Baskervilles. Fantastic atmosphere, and meticulous detail. A truly wonderful read.
Takes me back Lol... heading to the local library to pick up a copy :p
Honestly... Agatha Christie is much better!!!
Sherlock Holmes is so predictable... Agatha is so diferent!!!
The closest I have come to Sherlock is in series, and I watched only one, or maybe two, I can't really remember.

But I read somewhere that he died in the books, and then the author brought him back? And then there was someone that commented that after he was brought back the stories wasn't so good.
mydesign wrote:
Honestly... Agatha Christie is much better!!!
Sherlock Holmes is so predictable... Agatha is so diferent!!!

Agreed that Agatha is more mysterious but in many of the Homes stories the plot turns so suddenly.
Sherlock sees everything. That's so interesting about him! I also like Hercule Poirot. The time setting is fascinating Smile
I love reading Sherlock Holmes. The imagery is great- you can feel the noise and hustle of the city and the pastoral peace of the countryside all in one story. Its fun watching Holmes work his careful and methodical way across a crime scene picking up clues missed by everyone else then putting the whole story together at the end.
Yes I've read all the original Sherlock Holmes stories by Arthur Canon Doyle, and a few by various authors after him. They're one of my favourite series, especially the longer and darker stories like Hound of the Baskervilles, The Sign of Four, etc.

I just wish Doyle was still alive, he wrote such amazing stories.
The stories about Sherlock Holmes are truly wonderful. Too bad I havn't read that many of them. I'll have to pick them up at the library when I have the time to.
Has anyone ever read anthing written by Robert Ludlum?
I mean come on guys!
It's funny, when I was a kid, I used to devour Agatha Christie like there was no tomorrow, but for some reason I never touched Conan Doyle. I think I bought a collection of his short stories a while ago, and I keep meaning to dig them out and read them. Needs to be more hours in the day... or less work. Razz
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