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Do you love too much (or too soon)?


I want to know if there is anyone else out there who feels that they might fall in love too deeply (or too soon)?

"I fell too fast, I feel too much" <<< (Lyrics from the Jann Arden song Insensitive)

I am tired of dealing with people who don't feel like I do; People who are often clueless and insensitive.

When I like someone, I really like them; but I find that most women just don't really like someone initially. I just had a woman (who likes me and has told me so) forget a date and then she act casually like it's not a big deal. Meanwhile I was totally anticipating on going on together; it was my whole week just looking forward to spending time with her.

What advice would you give to someone who loves too much (or too soon)?
Should we just try to find like-minded people?
I love too much, too deep ./ hate myself just for this
i am in the same boat as u guys i guess.... But i never had a problem i guess... They fall for me.. i fall for them.. Its mutual i guess.
I don't think that the problem that we love too much or too soon, the problem that not everyone capable of this. Love, and all emotions to my point of view, can take time which varies from one to another.
Some people are more sensitive than others, and in your case, it doesn't matter for her to forget that date while it is the core of everything to you. You need to talk about it if you are going to start a serious relation. Tell her what you like and what you don't and get to know her's to keep things rolling.

If you love too much, remember that: "it is meant to meet all the wrong people just to know the right one when you meet him/her".

Good luck
I know what You guys mean. I try to try my best. I make some minor, imho, errors, sometimes I forget to bring her something, but I always strive to repair it asap. Same with helping her with anything. My motto is that if I don't try hard enough, then I'm useless, so I try my best because I know that I will never find a better person then her.

I guess I don't regard my errors or slips as anything big, and I guess that she doesn't consider her ones big also, but sometimes they can hurt. Not picking up a call when I'm terribly worried about her etc.

I... we, must also be careful not to be too clingy, 'cause I imagine how that must suck.
Yes, just the first time i saw her, it is like there is a magic...something i felt that is different from the, when we became both lovers....i do love her deeply as i dont want her to let go...and i am afraid if time comes that she will leave me but i hope it won't happen
I think I love too much sometimes but not too soon.
"Loving too much is more easier than loving too soon, too soon, usually, make your heart tell you lies about how you really fell" quoted from a friend on another forum Smile
I think younger people need to be able to think logically when they first fall "head over heels" and identify what it is they are going through. Is it infatuation or love? Is it obsession or love? People tend to mix love with something else and it can lead to a bad mental health and damaged relationships. It is important to sit down and think why this person makes you feel the way that you do, what that person offers and what it means to you.

In any case, "loving too soon" is probably not love at all. I've seen it all lol.
I don't love too soon. I love too much. And to emmancipate myself from that hideous obsession, I may do terrible things to others and to me.
Many times I like someone, but the chance for them to like me is minor, or not the same way as I would like it.

The times I do end up with someone we have a great time, but it would never really work since it was more of a friendship, physical or just not strong enough to be something lasting.

But only because it's difficult to find someone that can be 'perfect' for you it doesn't mean there aren't anyone. And what most people think is that there is only one that is mean to be.
The problem I think is that if someone see one thing they don't like then it's over, they give up to easy. With my current boyfriend there are tons of problems, but I know he is right for me because he makes me happy, and sad, and angry but he is willing to change for me like I am for him.

Maybe that woman that forgot the date didn't know that you are a type that falls completely in love, maybe she would act different if she knew you like her more than a little. The world has changed, it's easier to meet new people and date, so people are constantly looking for perfect but don't want to work for it.
love too much? that's an unhealthy question....
Finding a like minded person may mean you both end up is a way to serious relationship before it is time. That being said,I am the type of person who loves too much (not just with boyfriends but I take my friendships very seriously) and it often leads to getting hurt when the other is not as caring. I don't know what the answer is here I guess you must way getting hurt with possibly getting into a relationship to quickly and making a huge mistake.
Yeah i have that i WAIT AND WAIT AND WAIT but for her to have to cancel or something she can't go ect ect and i am left feeling like im not worth anything Crying or Very sad , but TBH thats just pessimism because most of teh time its not her fault its her cousins whom she has to look after Evil or Very Mad btu it gets annoying when we go on a date and she wont even kiss me on teh cheek Brick wall
In my case, I love very little and feel very late. Sad .
I don't really love too much or two soon. I would say I love a normal amount and often too late. Sad
Yeah I feel like this sometimes. :$ I agree with the post above about just being a teen and getting caught up in emotions though.
I absolutely do. But I am recently coming to the conclusion that I love the idea of having someone there to care about me in that way more than me loving the actual person the guy is. I end up picking bad people because I fall for sweet talkers and end up getting hurt.
I try so extremely hard to go slow, and just take things easy. Always with my eyes open for the girl I'm watching to show any qualities I favor or dislike; I keep an open mind either way. After about 2 months I start opening up more seriously (cautiously) little at a time. Then, it's not until we're completely opened up enough to each other, even to the point where we could only get "closer" to each other if we were any more careless about our abstinence, when things start to fall apart.

I don't know if the situation of being so close yet so far from deeper relationship due to our young age and unsure marriage future that aids this heart wrenching destruction. That, and/or not knowing how else to fulfill our urge to impress each other further but to do such lustful acts, yet ignoring those urges still.

but of course, i suppose such is why my parents taught me with stress on the subject of no steady dating if I am to be faithful to the lord in my abstinence. In teenage years, we're more lustful and confused while we're growing than wise and in love. Looking back at some of the time I was just kissing my ex do I now realize how much lust accounted for the greater part of our relationship with one another. Not that I'm saying lust is bad entirely. But it should definitely be recognized and kept under control. Perhaps saved until the proper bonds of marriage. or is that a sinful desire of thinking as well? I would say it is, potentially.

As is with all things, I suppose my clause and points are opinionated still. 'Love' could be discreetly compared to a large math equation. It takes all the right variables and conditions for XY to equal XX to such a degree that the equation will stay stable if a variable or two change along the path of life.

wow. I have a lot more going on in my head about all this than I thought. haha.
I think loving too much is not so bad. God is love. I think someone who lays down his life for me has a great deal of love and if it did not destroy him, then certainly I can also love that muchuch. I believe love makes us strong. i love to the fullest. i go by all or nothing. I guess the fear is what if I love too much and i get hurt? so what? so i move on. And i know there is a better man.
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