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What is the best software for Flash?

What is the best software to build a flash website for beginner like me?
And also easy to use ....because i dont know about script .
Thank you...
Adobe flash or flex dependings on what you are designing.
THere's also open source program for developing flash. This article will lead you into that:
swish is very easy to use
but costs $$$
at least they have 2 weeks trial so you can check it out
adobe is good because its easy to use and quits latest features are also updates are available . for commercial there are many good software and yes i say this is the best
Studio Madcrow
Without a doubt, Adobe Flash is the best tool to develop stuff in Flash format, though it is VERY expensive...
Why would you use anything but Flash to make a Flash?
There are a lot of professional flash web design software, all you have to do is serach google. To make life easier for you, =], the best software for flash websites is Swish, Coffecup and especially A4desk. A4desk is THE best flash software program for creating easy flash websites.

However, if you're also interested in interesting layouts, i strongly recommend using Showkit - also the best flash web creation program. Very easy to use and high quality templates.

however if you just wanna create flash files and flash animation stuff etc. for your website. i recommend Adobe Flash and Adobe Dreamweaver. But you need to learn how to use CSS if you're going ot use Adobe Dreamweaver.
milk wrote:
Why would you use anything but Flash to make a Flash?

For your information I'm using FLEX Builder to write flash Very Happy
But my "flash products" are more web design oriented, rather then animations.
Its like this Flash is from Adobe
So Adbobe has the best athering software for making flash content (my belief)

But be awaere it isn't cheap
Da Rossa
For flash, I think Adobe Flash CS3, or Flash 8, or even Flash CS4 is the way to go. But the thing is: Flash is annoying and many times unnecessary. If you're a beginner then you should try WYSIWYG editors and learn the basic html.
fadirocks wrote:
swish is very easy to use
but costs $$$
at least they have 2 weeks trial so you can check it out

yes swishmax is very easy to use & make flash effects etc...
swish is so far the best and the easiest to use. otherwise Adobe flash should be great too. i would recommend u to use swish since its got better stuffs all ready for newbies.

good luck and do let us know about ur new site when its done.
SwishMax 4 will be right choice for beginners. you can create flash banners within few minutes without any prior knowledge
Da Rossa
I see this topic was bumped after five years without a post. Does anyone still use Flash? I believe it is kinda obsolete. Flash pages are not productive and not always bring the best user experience. Why not focusing on the HTML5+JS+CSS triad?
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