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eating, but not hungry. Why?

Something happened to me just now. I was sitting at my computer and I thought to myself that I was hungry and I wanted to eat something. I even said aloud, "I'm hungry". and then as I was about to go find some snack to have, I realized I'm not hungry. Not at all. But I want something.

So, if I want something but not food, but I thought what I wanted was food, what is it that I actually want? I thought writing it out would help me come to some conclusion, but I'm not getting anywhere.

I eat a lot. I eat with total abandon and whenever I want. I don't gain weight, but if I don't eat enough, I do lose weight, and get sick. I just have a fast metabolism. I'm thin and I eat constantly.

Because I can eat whatever I want whenever I want without visible consequence, and because I'm used to being hungry, I've long suspected that I use food to satisfy other needs. It's just that until now, I didn't realize I don't know what those needs are.

Am I sad? Am I bored? Am I nervous? Is it just a tick? Habit? How do i find that out? Does it matter? Why did my brain tell my body I was hungry when I'm not hungry at all?
First thing that comes to mind is a specific craving for something that is lacking from your diet.
But food is more than just subsistence, and eating something is just enjoyable in itself. So maybe you're just bored and need something to occupy your mind with.
Unfortunately, I DO gain weight, but I do the same thing. Why? Lots of reasons.

Reason 1....I'm bored
Reason 2....I like the taste of something, even though I know it's really bad for me.
Reason 3....I'm depressed

There's a lot of reasons people eat when they are not hungry. Those are just a few.
I seem to have the same problem. I usually crave a meal every two hours, Other than when I sleep. Usually I satisfy this craving. Only one detail is different. I can go without eating for at the least 24 hours, and not get sick... I'm great at fasting Wink As with me, it also doesn't matter when I eat, I stay skinny. I call it, Fast but Flexible Metabolism!! Tada!!

I don't think it's a bad thing.. Although in sixth grade my science teacher told the class about her husband who ate anything at any time in and quantity and never gained a pound. He went into get a thorough doctors check up for what ever job he had, and his doctor said his cholesterol was extremely high and was surprised he hadn't had a stroke yet...

So we might not see or feel any different, but our bodies still Gotta do something with what we don't use as energy..
happens to me all the time, usually out of boredom. It's a terrible habit. It helps to chew gum usually, or to eat something like small pieces of ice or something very low on calories.
This happens to me all the time, actually right now to be exact. I feel something, although when I go get something it's nothing.

Most of the time for me, I am craving something such as chocolate.
I have noticed that when i am using my computer searching and do some marketing, there is always a food beside on my laptop...I felt that when I used my mind to function it properly also my mouth is busy as well....
I do that relatively often, but only when I'm feeling depressed or when I'm around emos.
I do that when I have nothing to do AND the food is near me. Otherwise I never feel hungry.
maybe your eating your emotions Wink
I have the opposite problem sometimes in the mornings. I'm always hungry when I wake up but eating in the morning makes me sick to my stomach for some reason so I end up having to force myself to eat a little fruit or yogurt.
When you're hungry but you're really not hungry, you want to eat when...

1) You're bored
2) You're lonely
3) You're cold

At least whenever I am cold/lonely/bored I always want to eat, but you just have to learn to tell your self no! Smile
raine dragon
you are probably bored or thirsty. A lot of people will eat when they are thirsty thinking that they feel hungry.

Or, you may be short on some sort of mineral.
I always get that whenever I want to eat something, even when i am hungry for food (like if i didn't eat anything for 10 hrs). And when I reach the kitchen I always don't wanna eat anymore..

and because of that i can eat nothing for like 2 days, then eat normal, and then eat nothing again :S
and probably thanks to that im sick alot cuz i lack a lot of minerals i guess :S
p.s i dont got a fast thingy :S
your one of the lucky ppl.
you dont gain. i do and it sucks.

your prolly bored. when im bored i eat sumtimes...
idk...alot of ppl are sayin tht your prolly bored...
but, your prolly just crazy!!!
The French eat until they're full.
Americans eat until the plate is empty.

It happens to me too. Especially if I am too tired to know the difference. Last night for example I was not hungry, however needed to eat something. I made good choices, but probably an even better one would have been no food at all.

I am totally envious of people that can eat all the time and not gain any weight. Although I do not really wish that for me. There is always an offsetting negative for a positive like that. My metabolism tends to be on the slow side, although I am extremely energetic most of the time. I literally burn myself out, completely flop, and am dead for the world for a day or two, and then I get revved up again like the energy bunny.
That's really a strange problem.
Some people have this problem and it cannot be a bad habit
it is difficult to suggest somrthing on this but still u can eat less at a time it could help u
endless wrote:
I always get that whenever I want to eat something, even when i am hungry for food (like if i didn't eat anything for 10 hrs). And when I reach the kitchen I always don't wanna eat anymore..

and because of that i can eat nothing for like 2 days, then eat normal, and then eat nothing again :S
and probably thanks to that im sick alot cuz i lack a lot of minerals i guess :S
p.s i dont got a fast thingy :S

Maybe you're just not so much into food. Quite a number of people are like that. They actually find it bothersome to eat. I enjoy food, and I guess if you enjoy food, maybe it is easy to eat when you are bored or looking for something to make yourself feel good. When you celebrate you tend to do it with food too, and if you do not feel that good, you do it again. Some people are lucky in that they do not gain weight, but other people are not so lucky, and when they had to loose weight and sacrifice that which has pleasure for them, perhaps it becomes an obsession, and more problems follow. The experts say that you need to eat regular, small meals with a good combination of protein, carbohydrates and fat. This keeps your metabolism chugging along at an evenly keel. Together with regular exercise that one enjoys doing, and being productively busy with something you enjoy to do, perhaps that is ideal for good health.
I also think, that that is:
- something lacking in your diet,
- plus could be reaction on chemical preservatives in food,
- taking break after finishing sub-task or just getting stuck on something and need distraction,
-and some sensual stimulation (small pleasant feeling tasting snack instead of getting out from the door, face nature, absorb sunlight and colors, take a gulp of peace and quiet).

You have possibility to take a break and food is within reach - on the intense job without that this thought could not reach the surface, overcame by more pressing problems, and taking 10 min walk outside workplace just to get food, will prevent this too. Was there, done that too Laughing

Bottom line:
You may ask the doctor, but in my humble opinion as long as you don't have weight (coronary or blood pressure/sugar) problems and it is not making a gaping hole in your budget, it should be OK.

If you still concerned, you may try to check own reaction on different kinds of food: what satisfies your cravings and fills you for a longer time, while used in lesser amounts. Multivitamins with minerals and probiotics may help, but not necessary. Shouldn't hurt to try, though.
Some people require a lot of seafood in their diet, some - cottage cheese and a lot of juicy vegetables, like tomatoes, some lacks animal fat - and I'm serious here. Or try glucose or slow chewing of small pieces of sourdough bread. Kefir (butterlmilk-like, but different) or other fermented beverages.

Good luck! You have a fair chance to improve your life.
When I am angry or feel bad . I also did the things like you . So I think it depends your feeling . Maybe you were not happy .
When I feel hungry sometimes and know I'm not rally that hungry then I always drink a glass of water, that helps most of the times, the body doesn't always know the difference between food and water.
Whenever I am on the pc (and that is almost always) I donít feel like eating, because my brain is occupied with something more interesting. That is a problem with my younger sisters since they always think their not hungry, and goes many many many hours without eating, always saying their not hungry even when they maybe have eaten only three pieces of bread for the last 15 hours. People are different, could be that you are just bored, you would know if you were depressed at the moment or really hungry. Many times I end up going to the kitchen and cutting up some fruit or vegetables, itís good and healthy.
Youíre lucky that you donít gain weight; I used to be skinny as a child, and then gained some while I was growing, but Iíve been the same weight and almost the same look for at least five years (currently 21 years) But people tell me I look a bit chubbier or thinner sometimes, I just donít see it.
I agree with raine dragon, you're most likely thirsty, and people mistake thirst for hunger most of the time.
Klaw 2
possible you lack some kind of nutriant your body doesn't have enough and so it wants to eat more even though it's not hungry. What do you eat usually? Do you get everything you need?
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