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Kids is the cwaziest people...

My grandkids just got home from school, and I was asking them about the mock election they had at school and who won (Obama). We were talking about it and the older girls all said they voted for Obama, and the youngest, in kidergarden piped up with: "Go McBama!!!"

Ok, so I guess you had to be there... it was just so cute.

I'm betting most of the kids will have voted for the candidate that their parents favored, which probably means that Obama will win.

Anybody else got any cute kid moments to share?
Haha, I have to agree with you on how cute that is.

But I'm a kid myself, and I wouldn't call any of my moments 'cute'.
Awwww xD It sounds like he was making an order xP
^"I'll have a McBama burger"
"yeah, make it a super value meal... and can you put some of that tax-cut sauce on it?"
I wish I could have kids. Medically im not allowed to reproduce.
Kids nowadays is very different compared to our times. They are just so much aware with what is in the surroundings and the society that we are living today. I know that you will say that it's a plus, but sometimes too much awareness to mature things led to something worse.
awwwww i have no kids (yet)
But my friend's 2 sons are the most adorable ever!!!

Boy's will always fight but the cutest thing is when their dad takes them rock climbing on the weekends, they forget all their differences and help each other and are encouraging while competing to the top!
Gonzalo wrote:
I wish I could have kids. Medically im not allowed to reproduce.

Can you adopt in Buenos Aires? I believe it is as much a blessing as having your own.
hehe that's pretty cute Smile kids DO say the craziest things Smile
To Jinx:

That is pretty cute. I do not have children of my own, but I have 5 younger siblings, the youngest being 7 I think. I remember when they were all a lot smaller and would say/do funny things like that. I do not remember any at this moment though, maybe I'll think of them and share later.
Too cute. My local elementary school had the kids vote. Results: by ONE vote McBama! LOL
My wife and I took my 5 year son with us when we voted. On the way out they gave him one of the I Voted sickers. Later on that day we went out to eat and our waitress noticed his sticker. She asked him who he had voted for. He said in a loud clear voice I voted for Obama. She asked him why did he vote for him, he said it was because he didn't like the old guy. It was funny because although we had discussed the election and the candidates, we never talked about who we were voting for, and didn't mention anything about his age. He either picked up on it from the news channels we were watching or just on his own. Anyway it was just kind of funny, it took the waitress by surprise she laughed her butt off.
well i don't have any kids, but my cousin has come to stay with us and she has 2 kids. her 5 year old son is a real brat, i don't consider him cute at all, more like a devil in kid's clothing!!!! Twisted Evil they have been here for a week and the amount of damage that he has done is unimaginable for a 5 year old.i feel like spanking him but since i can't i just grit my teeth and try to tell as politely as i can but it is no use.any suggestions as how to control are very welcome.
My six-year-old brother came home from school after they learned about the election and announced, "I won't vote for you, Barack O-poo-poo!"

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