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What is the good way to learn Flash CS3?

What is the good way to learn Flash CS3?
I am new with Flash CS3. I mean for beginner.
Thank you ...
Start messing around. Honestly that's the best way to learn something new. Get to know the interface (ie. what every button is used for). Basically start clicking and experimenting everything. After you're reasonably familiar with the interface (in the sense that you know the basic function and can navigate around the program), check out some guides (you can find heaps with a quick search). Most of these guides would have a small project for you to complete. Finish them and you're on your way. Very Happy
Look for the video guides. They are much more easy to follow than a textual guide. THere are free ones and premium ones, and i think at the beginning, stick to free.
I've also started learning Flash CS3. At first it was frustrating understanding the basic concepts. But I agree messing around is the best way to learn.

Google Flash CS3 video tutorials. Obviously Adobe has some good ones, but can't be downloaded for later reference. There's also text tutorials, more info, just a pain to sit & read through. Some give you .fla files to download so you can retro-engineer what they're trying to teach you. There should be tutorials in Flash's help files. Happy flashing!!
i have learned Flash Cs3 with you tube. it gives you examples that you can follow with flash open. there are some of the features that still i don't know but if you surf on the web you will get a lot of places that will teach you flash for free. Even how to create a web in flash for free. Great. they will let you download for free twmplates that you can change to your standardsm very easy.
One good page is great to do even web designs. is also a great one.
I do not suggest you to download programs for that, just use your flash cs3 to do anything with it.
Hope you found this explanation easy.
Go to They have good tutorials for beginnners over there. That's where I learnt Flash from. After them just ...MESS AROUND! Create your own stuff and be amazed at how your skill improves right before your eyee!

Here's the direct link:
But go through their whole site, they have cool stuff.
thanks for the last post.... this is brilliant... i am messing around with web design php, flash and ai (illustrator)... and with no formal training it is quite funny how much i know that professionals or qualified people don;t... tricks of the trade that is... however it is quite frustrating how much of the basic stuff i simply don't know because i was never given that basic or grounded level of education in the subject matter.... not sure which way is best, but all i know is i love messing around with the programs and everysooften a spark of brilliance appears as certain things come together - i am noticiing this the more i play about with templates and realise the interactions and how they fit together, so i would recommend anyonedo the same.
I recommend the following sites:

They have a lot of good details and the tutorials are relatively straight forward.
once you get the basic concepts of how it works through tutorials , you can then just start messing with it on your own and figure out stuff on your own
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