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check out my new Website

Here are my two websites

i use two differents scripts and made only one script
tell me what to i need to improve them
i hope you like them
GB tells me that you installed Cpanel correctly. is pretty interesting. First of all, it looks like you have lots of content. As far as the website design, I would work on a more professional looking template that you can use throughout your site. There is no banner, for instance telling you where you are and it makes the whole thing look a bit sketchy. I'm not sure what you're going to do with my information or my friend's information either.

Take a look at other ecard sites like Hallmark's and use those to point you in the right direction.

Good luck on your sites!

P.S. Did you make all those ecards?
I also only saw a CPanel page at your banner exchange site.

I thought SendeCards had a lot of content, but as GB said the layout needs to be worked on. I think it would be a good idea to add a copyright to the footer, as well as links to a privacy policy, about page, disclaimer, and contact us form/email. These are only simple things, but they certainly make your site more trustworthy for a web surfer....
I also saw the cPanel on the first website.

If you pay attention to the URL it redirects to another site once you pick your card. If you go all the way to the bottom of the page and click "Home", you'll come to CardFountain's index. They have their own Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.

The template does need a lot of improvement. The color scheme is all messed up. Change the blue to a dark gray if you want the background in the title bars to stay black. Make a logo to place above the advertisements. Use black, different shades of dark/light gray, and a color to "accent" the gray and black. A background with a small pattern that repeats with dark/light gray and the "accent color" would be better than the plan white background. I suggest using a small pattern that repeats because it loads quicker and you already have a lot of content on the home page.
For the most part it looks very clean and organized, a good base for your site! Just add a bit more content and it will look like a angel made it!
Faraz looks really impressive. Did you make a custom script for this? The other site shows me Cpanel.
This website was set to be removed for inactivity by If you own this website, click here to protect it.

Will be gone soon....

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I got an error when I tried to open this site but when I reload it, the site was revealed.... Surprised
The site doesn't look good, very old style and an ugly color.

Nice idea of scripting. Good work on the sites. Very Happy
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