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Does your music remind you of a game or movie?

Just wondering if anyone else experiences this.

My examples are:

The Dream Theater album - "Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence" reminds me of Max Payne and Max Payne 2 (computer games). I think it has something to do with when in the first game you get beaten unconscious and also given an overdose of a drug, and you go into this 'insane' dream world, where it's really creepy. It seems to tie me in with the "War Inside My Head" song by Dream Theater from that album, and thus the whole album then reminds of the games and vice-versa.

The Spock's Beard album "Snow", reminds me of the old computer game "Relentless", or "Little Big Adventure". I'm not really sure why, it just does. Especially the "Wind at my Back" song.
ASP's Schwarz and Lykanthropie reminds me of Ginger Snaps, as I first heard them in a YouTube-video using clips from the movie (which later made me watch the movie).
Not really movie or games.. but a book Surprised

Coldplay's X&Y reminds me of The Celestine Prophecy because I had that CD in my diskman the whole time when I was reading that book. And the music kind of goes with the storylines too!
Hm, in the 80s me n my friends listened to a song - don't remeber exactly the groug but UK rockabilly AND they had a song that reminded of the theme for Q*bert. Yea that's an 80's game aswell - remember it???
Sometimes when I hear some musics from the first Need For Speed underground, I remember immediately the game!
Too much hours playing that game Razz

This happens also with some sounds, for example there's a "scream" that is often used in movies and it remember me Starcraft (I think it was a sound from a Zerg unit), or when I hear the word "fatal" (that is a word in my language also) I remember Age of Empires 2, it was a word said by the spearmen when you selected them Very Happy
too many games, too many songs. ;X

intstrumental songs leads me to think about Star Wars, and some other

rock and hip hop leads me to think about racing games

trance and techno leads me to think about japanese racing games

etc etc. too many to mention ;D
The Pixies' song Theme from NARC really reminds me of playing NARC for NES back in the day. Not sure why though.
I typically associate music with games if I spend a lot of time playing a game while listening to that music. A few years ago when I listened a LOT of Metallica, I used to play Lost Vikings 2. Now the two are inseparable for me...

(yeah I know, it's odd - but it kinda grows onto you when you're stuck in one level for ages Wink )
I discovered another one. When I first got Civilization 2, I was listening to a blues album recorded at a local studio that I was given while playing the game. I can't even remember what the original sound track was like, but whenever I hear the album or play the game, I imagine the other Wink.
Unfortunately, any jazz music utilizing a low trumpet and piano reminds me of Sim City. Not too bad, you might say, but I used to get really annoyed with the Sim City music before I learned how to turn it off. (Sim City 3000 Unlimited is the game I'm referring to)
My music reminds me of the game I was currently playing when I listened to at the time. I would switch the music I would listen to about the same time I got new games, and consequently resulting in each game having its own music I associate with it. The type of music doesn't really affect what I associate it with, like I associate Decadence by Disturbed with Trackmania United.
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