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Ideal job

What do you think is the ideal job for you? I always wanted to be a rockstar, then a hacker, then a freelance developer...
technically, none from above you mentioned is a job Laughing they more like "roles" Twisted Evil

but then again, I would want to live as a rockstar too and own a castle somewhere in europe xD

Back to reality, my dream job would be a web application developer, then manager, then chief technical officer Razz
Day dreaming...
Permanent safe job, that not involves toxins, shifts, trips, physical labour, service, with not offensive boss, and where I could work for decades.
Lowest common denominator Laughing for university graduate.
A research scientist somewhere really remote in either Africa or South America... I'd like that.
I'm not really one for a job type lifestyle. Yes, I do have a job now, but I'd much rather have enough wealth and investment income to not have to work every day of the week. Where I could have months of free times to travel and see the world. Obviously one can't life they're entire life without lifting a single finger, however we can work towards our dreams. I love computers and information security so I would always being doing something like that on the side. Maybe travel the world over doing just that.
Until then, I will finish college and work my 9-5 "job".
I'm the night Porter in a hotel

I get to see some very successfull people to inspire me as well as some programmers.

I'm week off week on so I can really get into my programming..

A job is a means to an end. My goal is to get an income from Google adds as a top 100,000 web site.

My job at the hotel enables me to spend time on this goal.
My dream job . . . by Bluedoll

My dream job would be C.E.O. of a perhaps a non-profit cooperative company but not really sure of the non-profit cooperative model. However, I would like to hire people for specific tasks as they arise and set up a unique company. To accomplish this I would like to have access to a lot of money like a lotto win. You did say dream!

If that was not possible perhaps I would be able to portray the kind of confidence that allow people to believe in the business model. They would be willingly knocking at the door to get in.

One of the first persons to be hired would be someone to draw up a legalized company policy that would pay employees shares and commission type funds for contractual work. In other words if they accomplished the task set out successfully they would receive the benefits from the companies resources but not until the company showed success.

The reason I would have this kind of business model would be to insure that all members and associates would realize that they are not just part of but are the company. The idea would be to break down the conventional barriers that exists in many relationships regarding business.

The venture of course would have to actually have money transactions somehow in order to survive and expand. Growth would allow new people to enter the organization and share in the rewards.

I would enjoy meeting the kind of people that would take on the responsibility of creating and maintaining a specific business model. In short I would be there to assist people reach their goals and attain success for the company on a whole. As C.E.O. I wouldn’t actually do the work needed in regard to company jobs but assume the role of founder and be the inspiration for the identity.

My dream job in my dream creation would be meeting and interacting with the company of people that would insure its success.

I would have a dream . . .
Dream Job

I am a 3D Modeller/Animator. At the moment I am teaching in a college.
My immediate dream job would be to work in my local University as a lecturer. I can earn a substantial amount of money and easily support my family.

Once I have achieved this goal I would like to work for a film company doing 3D graphics.

First I didn't care what I did as long as it was computer related. Then I wanted to be a video game beta tester...until I realized there ain't no money in that. And now a web developer or web designer. Does being a rich playboy count as a job? Smile
Reporter sounds for me as a real nice job.... because you have a kind of freedom and you are a privilege witness of wonderful events Smile
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