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NCAA Football

Yet another crazy week of college football. Alabama takes the number one spot in the polls, followed by: Texas Tech, Penn State, Texas, and Florida.

I think the rankings are pretty fair, however, how Texas Tech isn't number one after beating the unanimous number one team in the nation is beyond me. Sure Alabama won on Saturday...but it was against Arkansas State.

Penn State is still undefeated, and will likely remain that way with a rather weak remaining schedule. They should be able to run the table rather easily with the "competition" they will be facing in the next few weeks.

In my opinion, Florida is the best team in the nation right now. They are solid and have been ever since that stunning loss against Ole Miss. After that loss how did Florida respond? With HUGE wins against LSU and Georgia beating both opponents by the combined score of 100 to 31. That's impressive.
Texas Tech didn't jump to number one because of the way they won. True they beat Texas and a win is a win but they did let Texas come back from a 19 point and 16 point defiect. The football gods were really smiling on them when that interception got dropped. Alabama has been hovering in the shadows all year. They deserve the number one slot. Texas Tech is now running the same gauntlet that Texas faced, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State. Just consider the mess if they lose one of them. and everyone else wins out. You will then have 3 teams tied for first who have all beaten each other in head to head play. The only team this will benefit will be Oklahoma, (if they are involved) once they go through the first 4 tie breakers which all thrown out because of the three way tie. Yes Florida is a better team, but at the moment Texas is the best one loss team according to the BCS because they have faced and beaten more ranked teams for the season.

Yes things are about to get real interesting.
This week, football is a little lacking in my opinion. Sure, I will be watching the Huskers beat KSU, but the night games are really disappointing. Oklahoma State and Colorado? Really? That's the best game you have? Gee...I wonder who's going to win that one.

And then there's Alabama and Mississippi State. If Alabama can't beat a 3-6 Mississippi State team, well, they definitely don't deserve to be ranked high.
I have absolutely atrocious this year when it comes to picking the various college football games. I don't actually place money on college football games, but I do play a college football pick game and for the most part, I've been wrong on most of the major games. The only one I've gotten right was USC versus Ohio State, Texas Tech versus Texas and Texas Tech versus Oklahoma State.

Alabama is the number 1 team in the BCS, but according to ESPN, they aren't favored against the other top teams. Currently, the oddsmakers put Alabama as a 8.5 point underdog to Florida in the SEC title game. They are also underdogs to Oklahoma, Texas Tech, and Texas if they played for the national title. USC is actually the team the oddsmakers places as overall favorites. If they played any of the teams ahead of them, they would be favored.

Florida absolutely looks like the best team right now. They're good on offense, defense and special teams. Alabama's offense doesn't look like world beaters. Oklahoma has issues on def and special teams. Texas has injuries on their lines. Texas Tech seems more complete than the others besides Florida.
Texas Tech at Oklahoma should be a great game.

Texas Tech's offensive line is ridiculously good. They are big and very physical. I'm not sure the exact amount, by I think Graham Harrell has only been sacked something like four or five times all season long. That's a pretty impressive stat.

Of course they have an excellent offense too. Harrell/Crabtree is probably one of the best duos in college football.

I think they go into Norman this weekend and beat Oklahoma. I just don't see Oklahoma's defense stopping the powerful offensive attack of Texas Tech, especially now that they are missing two defensive ends.

I do think this will be another great game though. It probably will come down to the fourth quarter to decide the winner. I think Tech takes this game by a TD.
It looks like another interesting year for college football in which the BCS Championship will leave out one or two deserving teams. How do you go about ranking teams one and two when you have the following teams: Alabama, Texas Tech, Texas, Oklahoma, USC, Florida, and Penn State. All these teams could argue they deserve to be in the championship game.

In my opinion, I think Alabama, Texas Tech, and Penn State should be excluded from the conversation.

Alabama hasn't impressed me all that much. They have struggled against Kentucky, Ole Miss, and LSU. Texas Tech beat Texas at home in the last 30 seconds of the game (by the way, for three quarters, Texas played absolutely awful and they still almost won the game). Penn State is in an overrated conference and only has one "impressive" win against Ohio State.

The Championship talk should be kept between USC, Texas, Oklahoma, and Florida.
However, the more I think about it, the more I think USC should be excluded. Not only did they lose to Oregon State, but they haven't won against any noteworthy team since. Sure they have blown people out, but against weak PAC10 teams.

So: Florida, Texas, or Oklahoma. In my opinion, I think Florida will face Oklahoma for the national championship. I am well aware that Texas beat Oklahoma head-to-head, but if you want to go by that logic, then you would have to put Texas Tech ahead of Texas.

The fact is that Oklahoma has been playing really good football lately. We will see if they can go to Stillwater this Saturday and have another dominating performance. I think if this happens, there will be no doubt who goes to the Big 12 Championship and assuming they win there (not much doubt that they will), then they definitely deserve to be in the championship game.

Opinions vary...
Excited for the bowl season to start, but it's unbelievable that the season is already over. Kind of sucks, because now only the NFL remains and then a bunch of other really dull sports.

Looking back on the season, I am very happy with the way Nebraska progressed. Not only did they finish their season 8-4 (after a 5-7 season), but they get an invitation to the January 1st Gator Bowl against Clemson.

I feel Nebraska can definitely win this one. Our weak point all season long was stopping the pass, which Clemson does not do very well. Yes, they can throw the ball, but they try to win games by running the ball. I think Nebraska's strong point on D is stopping the run.

Now, everyone is saying Clemson's D is much better than what Nebraska has faced all year, but I just don't see it. They haven't really gone against very good offenses in the ACC, so what is everyone basing this off of. Yes, they are fast and their secondary looks very decent. However, Nebraska has moved the ball very well ever since the Missouri game where they switched things up.

My prediction: Nebraska = 38; Clemson = 21
Along with the above prediction, here are my predictions for the rest of the bowl games:

Rose Bowl - Penn State vs. USC - I think USC wins this one fairly easily. USC WINS.

Orange Bowl - VT vs. Cincinnati - Not that this one will be very exciting to watch, but I think Cincy comes away with a W.

Sugar Bowl - Utah vs. Alabama - This one is a little tough to call because Alabama may go into this bowl game being very disappointed losing their first game in the SEC Championship and not going to the Championship game. However, I just have a hard time thinking that Utah wins this one. BAMA WINS.

Fiesta Bowl - Texas vs. Ohio State - I think Texas will come into this game and play like they have something to prove. Don't be surprised if Texas absolutely destroys Ohio State and makes them look like a little high school team. TEXAS WINS.

BCS National Championship - Oklahoma vs. Florida - This one will be pretty tough to call, because both teams are very, very good. Everyone says that Florida's D will be the difference, but what high octane offenses have they faced this year? Tennessee? South Carolina? Kentucky? Georgia? There's a HUUUUUUUUGE difference between a Tennessee and an Oklahoma offense. So, we shall see what one of the best offenses can do against one of the best defenses. Florida has to score everytime they get the ball, because Oklahoma usually does. I think Oklahoma wins this one. OKLAHOMA WINS.

FedEx BCS National Championship Jan. 8
8 p.m. Miami, FL Oklahoma vs. Florida FOX
It's funny reading these comments a few months after they're posted.

Florida won the national championship, with Utah getting an asterisk. There's always talk of a playoff system, but the reality is, in such a playoff system, Utah would likely not have made it through. At that point it becomes about who has the healthiest team at the end of the year over who had the best team during the year.

Well it won't be for years to come anyway if they do change it. Who will be Champion next year? My EARLY guess is Oklahoma or a Florida repeat.
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