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i like computers
I love and hate computers - depending on whether I have a problem that is difficult to solve.
well... lets see, i spend about 10 hours a day on the computer.... about 8 hours at work and 2-3 hours at home. DOn't think that's very healthy for the eyes and the whole body system but I don't really have much of a choice during work.

Just have to make sure to get some rest for the eyes when i've stared too long at the screen. Go easy on the computer. Real life social activities are better although the computer does help you do that to an extent. Wink
You can love it, You can hate it, but you cannot ignore it.It is working everywhere in our life.
I love computers when they work. When they don't work, and they continue to not work, they start to become frustrating. However, I generally only start disliking them for it if it's a Windows machine (I'm a Mac user). The printer is often a subject of much dislike from me as well.

And eye-strain is a problem sometimes. Hate it, but it is there. Need to just find ways around it. Or, as you say, just stop being at the computer so long sometimes.
me too lol thats y im on one
The day, since i have been fascinated by computers, my basic needs has almost changed from
I really like to hang out with computer to try out different programming tricks, but i am aware of hazards of computer too, so couldent spend much time with it Sad
Cddhesh wrote:
The day, since i have been fascinated by computers, my basic needs has almost changed from

Letting your computer be more of a need than your friends is a really bad thing.

I like using computers because I can usually get them to work the way I want them too. I actually feel like I use a computer less now that I'm in college.
I love computers., why you might ask, its running the world right now actually everyone has a computer in there home. I love it because it makes me feel like i know something and it makes me feel like a genius at what i do.
I am a computer addict, I've been using computers for years. I think I got my first one when I was 5. Then, over the years I got good at their parts and operations. Now, i'm studying to build and repair computers.
As machine of delicacy, I think human body is much more interesting than computer ever made. hahahahaha.
yes most of the people today like computers and its similar PDA(personnel digital assistance), and i too love this machine.thanks to those who have worked hard to get this machine work like this. if u think its really a miracle that such a machine has come to our world . i think that Nature has decided such an innovative machine and it has blessed some human to discover it and make innovative thinks out of .its really a dream come to true

thank u
I had my first taste of the computer in 1989. I was working on my thesis then and it helped me a lot. I thought that the emerging electronic typewriter then -- you know, the one that had its own memory -- was already something. But the computer really proved to be something else.

The computer in 1989 had no graphical interface. It was a black screen with the letter C:> constantly blinking. It worked when I put in two kinds of floppy disks: one for the OS and the other for the software application. I was working with DOS and Word Perfect. Once I learned how to make it work, I stopped using the typewriter.

That was several years ago. I've had the chance to work with several computers now, but all work under Windows. I stay on the computer for several hours a day, except on those days when I go to school to teach. As a rule, I only use the computer for publishing and presentations. I am sure that there are a lot of games out there, but I've never used my computers for that. For games, I go out into the field or to the courts.
I like computers...
I spend Think most of my day on them lol
I'm currently trying to limit myself because it was all I was doing... I'd wake up on weekends and turn on my computer and then only get off to eat and get dressed lol

Mr. Green
I like computers very much. I have studied a master in artificial intelligence, and my passion are computers. During my studies, I spent a lot of time with computers. But now that I am working, it's a whole other world. Since I have to work all day long behind a computer, I don't touch a computer after my work. Because, when I get behind my computer, I loose track of time, and the world around me, and I also want a social life. You only have one life, and the people around you are more important. It's a pity a have to go to sleep ervery day...otherwise, I could do both, and now I have to choose. I choose for people and social life...a whole day behind a computer during work is long enough
I love computers a is where I can communicate with my relatives worldwide, it is where i can learn new things and discover something and it is where i can make money for our living....
The computer's a great tool, but I still love hard copies of things--whether I'm reading or writing. I love hard-copy books, and when I write, I have to use paper and pen. I can't be creative when I'm staring at a computer screen. BUT, when I'm done writing, I love to use the computer to type my writing so it's legible and can be seen by others.
I never really had any friends in real life, or through the internet, I guess that is why I enjoy being alone so much, never knew what I lost.

I am a computer addict, and it doesn't help that many of the things I like happens to be on a computer, pixel art, playing with codes for web pages, reading (stories other ordinary people might post, I just don't have money to print out everything I would want to read), digital art... I can manage without my computer, but I love it to much to just let it go.
cumputers got to love them

best invention copy and paste

Hey look at the great work i did all by myself!

Hey look at the great work i did all by myself!

Hey look at the great work i did all by myself!
computers. can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em. Or is that the internet. Yep that's the same way I feel about the internet. I have nothing to do on it, but when it's disconnected I feel lost!
I love to use the computer... I play games... I browse the internet ...

Sometimes I think that the computer commands me... Laughing
It is definitely a wonderful tool both at work but also for lots of fun. I would say I love computers too and anything to do with computing.
computers-its my life.
i like mini pc Very Happy
Computers are nice, its makes the world a more efficient/fun place ones its used properly Very Happy

I love computer games and I love editing all night on it. I don't even watch alot of tv anymore cuz i'm always on the pc when i'm at home. Soon need glasses lol
Computers are great, but a friend of mine just said, "Computers are great servants, but terrible masters."
I like computers too Very Happy
Can't live without them!
I spend most of my time on my computer. Very Happy
Phaphwned wrote:
Can't live without them!

At home (around 1998 ), I got myself my first PC: a used 386 SX-25 which I bought at the local grocery store (yes, you read that right!) I got myself an 33.6 USR internal modem, and was finally able to connect to BBSes. I also discovered someone left their internet account info on the computer, and this is when internet connections were somewhat costly.

I eventually installed Win95 and used it well past it's prime . I also had the fun of running my own BBS for a year or so on a spare 386 sitting in my living room.
computers-it keeps me going..
I like computers, and I like trying out new software, programming, playing games, watching videos and listening to the music. Sometimes I feel I couldn’t stand too long without Internet but… I guess that since I started to work and started spending whole day and night in front of monitor… I get bored with it a little; too much sitting in front of computer is definitely not good!
I wonder at this wonderful way of starting a thread with no description Razz

Anyhow, I love computers, sit almost 12 hours in front of it whole day long. But I am now finding a lack of desire for my computer because a computer can be a timepass but it cannot be a friend!
ha, nice topic and comment...

I like computers too Smile and i spend most of my time during the day on them
ive been around computers since i was like 2 and ever since e=i havent been able to really learn or do anything else but now im actually starting to learn stuff. like i just learned html, javascript, css, and xhtml. but now im learning java and c cause ITS ALL GOOD.
computers are the best, mainly because they are the universal language of the world, any language can work with them for example when i call a computer company usually its in india : P
I am really not fond of computers but they are so important for any works nowadays that it's quite impossible to live without them...

It's a bit scary sometimes Wink
computers suck. I hate using them. In fact, I'm cringing typing this now as it requires me to look at the monitor.

lol, j/k. I actually have more fun building them than using them, just started to build a new Phenom II 940 machine Very Happy

Hopefully it turns out ok.
I love computers, certain kinds, that is. I prefer Dell computers. I think Apple compuers are horrible. I can fix about any problem on Dell computers or Apple computers.
I lýke Computer Baabbbyy Very Happy
I love computer too !
all my life surrounds by computer from my parents down to my little brother.. : Cool
i love computers too, they are or will be our future!
i live for computers. It is my life. My blood has gone digital.
Yeah Computers are just a love and hate thing. Some like it but some don't. People nowadays are just too much depended on the computer that they can't live without them. I like programming and designing in the computer.
I like them. Sometimes. Like my PC can be incredibly slow sometimes. I still like it and use it though. Partially for recreation, partially for school.
But other computers like my iPod, cellphone, Nintendo DS, etc. I always enjoy using. haha

Computers are everywhere, and they'll continue to be everywhere, whether we like it or not.
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