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Problems with new macbooks

A tip came in this weekend from someone with a fleet of new MacBooks. His complaint? Every 50 or so clicks and the trackpad freezes for 5 to 10 clicks and then wakes back up. The tipster writes:

So we’ve bought about 10 of them, all of them have awful problems recognizing clicks. The trackpad has a bug where it does not click about 60% of the time.

A little digging reveals a huge discussion thread on the Apple Discussion boards describing the recurring problem. Hopefully it’s just hardware as one poster comments:

I have found however one solution that I think did work for me (could be placebo effect but figured I should share regardless).

In System Preferences go to Trackpad, then at the top move the slider for “Tracking Speed” up one notch, I was uncomfortable at first but got used to it and it seemed to make the problem better.

Regardless, im pretty sure this is a software issue (disclaimer: this is just an opinion and is not based on any specific knowledge). Seems to me its the same problem that has occured in every laptop refresh apple has done in recent memory. When they released the first Powerbook with two finger scrolling users reported issues such as trackpad freezing, same with when they first introduced multy-touch, and now its happened with this, and every time they have fixed it pretty quickly. Anyways just my thoughts.

Anyone else seeing this? Hopefully this is just a driver issue. Sounds like maybe a cache problem?
That's pretty weird for Apple not to see this, although I've also had some problems with my iPod. I am figuring that the mouse pad for the Mac is the scroll wheel for the iPod. I get this sometimes when I first turn on my iPod, I am unable to use the scroll wheel for about 10 seconds. It's not that big of a deal, but it can get pretty annoying fast.

Also, you posted this twice if you didn't notice.
If this is about the new MacBook (with the glass trackpad), I haven't experienced any trouble with it at all. Maybe they got some lemons?

Apple's support is great. The writer of the article should contact Apple; they will fix things up for him ASAP.
I love how a little rumor, keeps getting repeated over and over again. Just let it get and leave it there I say.
psycosquirrel wrote:
Apple's support is great.

Really? When you say support do you mean online or in store? Online support is horrible, I rarely get a response. I also don't have a Mac Store around me (closest is Toronto) so I can't go to the store and get support for my iPod.
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