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We ned a new Sheriff in Town

After six years, the Talibans are still free, there are terrorist in the world, we are still in the defensive, come on, we wipe out Hitler in three and a half years, it time to change Sheriff, the texan one fail miserably. and their deputy MacCain is not better.
Do you have any concerns about the likely "new sheriff"? Mr. Obama has so little experience. He comes across as a combination of Kennedy and Carter to me. He gives a great speach and he just wants everybody to get along. Wanting people/countries to get along often takes more than speaches.
Obama is by far the best choice, which is why he is leading in the polls. McCain is much too much a Republican first. The Republicans have been handling the US the way the Republican FEMA handled Hurricane Katrina.

Politics are politics, but Obama is the best choice this year.
me410 wrote:
the Talibans are still free,
The ones who aren't dead or in Guantanamo, that is.

there are terrorist in the world,
As there probably will be for a very long time, to some extent

we are still in the defensive
Shouldn't we always be 'in the defensive', attacking only in the interests of our own defense? Isn't that why we call our military the 'department of defense'?

we wipe out Hitler in three and a half years,

If taking out Hitler was all we needed to do, a month or two at most would suffice. This new war is more difficult because the enemy is always hiding, often hiding among innocent civilians.
It reminds me way to deal with unfavorable kings centuries ago: remove it, and the next king will be "good king". Political vacuum will be just filled, and it's all.

New sheriff in town will follow the same laws, that will be not changed, make decisions, favourable to those, who have money and power, who can affect his elections and all future life more, than millions of voters (blasphemy!).

How many times you heard about taking hostages in airline management headquarters, instead of the airplane? Why security is there, not inside the airplanes, and airline customers are getting strip searched, not the management at the entry in their building?

Why nobody cares about much more atrocities (regular piracy and more) in the country, that has no oil?

If voters could vote directly on these issues (come on, even libraries have computers to do that), would be decisions different?

Please remember, that this is political forum for expressing different political views.
The new sheriff doesn't have enough moral fiber to make decisions. He would rather vote 'present' than make a decision. Weak moral charachter is why every terrorist organization in the world applauds the annointment of Barrack Hussein as the 'Terrorist King'.
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