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It is possible to do some aplications at realtime using PHP?
Nope. But with AJAX you can do it almost real time with a small delay, about one second.
Ajax is PHP combined with JavaScript.
You can create chats, online mulitplayer games (poker etc...)
There are many tutorials on this on the web. I recommend to use a framework, such as jquery, as a beginner.
That would actually depends on what's linkview's definition of realtime?

E-mail sends in 'realtime', search engine provide results in 'realtime' Wink
If you are talking about `realtime` as in realtime OS (like rtlinux), then no.
Wth is a realtime OS Question
What's the difference between a normal OS?
I mean, what exactly happens in realtime, that does not on a normal OS?
Ok, here is an example. Let us say there is an application which controls a robot arm that picks eggs from a conveyor belt and places into a box. The timing of the application should be precise. A little early or late firing of command would either miss the egg or break it.

Realtime OS is designed for such time critical applications. It usually runs one application in real time mode, and gives that process the highest priority when it comes to shared resources -- even CPU. During critical times, it kills all the other processes, including the kernel itself, to make that process work in real time.
Thank you very much. Yes, that's indeed a good thing. But who does really need such precise timing on a website. Even if he's trying to write a game server or something like that. A delay of a few parts of a second won't harm^^

Like I said. The closest thing to realtime would be ajax-applications. Or you use flash, which is even better, because the client has the same software installed as the server.

ajax: request result from php ->
result=no: wait 500ms
result=yes: do something, wait 500ms

flash: wait forever, if receive event-> do something

therefore flash is much faster, but also needs more skills, I think.
I have heard that the clock that use PHP is not in RT. In others words, 1 second is not 1 second exactly.
So it is not possible to do with PHP.
TomS - php is nothing to do with AJAX. php is a pre-processor that does its job before the page is sent from the server, AJAX works on a rendered page at the client end (with interaction with the server). No php is passed to the rendered page.

The acronym itself is a giveaway: AJAX = Asynchronous Javascript And XHTML
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