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Getting 2 man Viruses from ur USB??? Click here..& Be co

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Well Nowadays USBs are the main means for spreading worms.If u have the same prob just go thru the following :
NOTE: Steps are specifically targeted to "Windows OS"...With other OS basic procedure is the same..just go thru and find the options for ur OS
Part [A]
Most of the worms spread thru USB using the obvious & simplest step to prevent the worm from infecting ur PC is disable Autoplay....this is dam simple...just follow the following steps:

1] in "Run" type"gpedit.msc"
2] In the window just opened click on "User Configuration--->Administrative templates"at the left - bottom - most of the window[
3]Then click on "System"
4]Look for "Turn off AutoPlay" on it.
5]Mark "Enabled"....then select "All drives"...from the dropbox
6]Click "OK"

Now whenever u wish to open ur USB , don't double click/open it....use the address bar[just type"USB Drive letter:" i.e. [K:]-for xample in the address bar or select the USB drive from the address bar dropdown box.
Thats it...u have prevented 99% of the worms from infecting ur PC
Part [B ]
And now..we'll find and eliminate the worm from ur Infected thru the following:

1] go to --> Tools -->Folder options-->View-->
Check "Show hidden files....."
Uncheck the option below it---->"Hide extensions of known file types.
Uncheck the option below it --> "Hide protected OS files"
Click "OK"
2]That's it !!

To remove the worm from ur USB:

1] If theres a worm on ur USB 99.99% of the time there will be a"Autorun.inf" file on ur USB...Directly on ur USB[Not in any folder on ur USB].....this file is seen when u unhide protected OS files and hidden files.
2] Open it with "Notepad"......Note the syntax after "open=" or "autopay=" ...U'll see the worm installer file directly or the path to itin this syntax.
3]Just delete the "Autorun.inf" & the file traced above in STEP 2
4] ur USB is free from the WORM !!!
Extra Tips :

Well if U noted I told U to uncheck " Hide extentions of known file part {b} had no role there......but its a very important step[/b] ....and the obvious reason is:
Consider an Example:
The Worm "New Folder.exe"
Many worm installers use the Superb idea of "New Folder"...but this superb idea is agian rendered useless by th e following Xtremely SIMPLE trick......
[Note : all the settings in Part {B} must be verified]
1] New Folder.exe tricks u in a very simple way..
Windows is defaultly configured to hide extensions of know file types
2]".exe" so is not displayed is not displayed normally
3] The Icon for this Virus installer file is that for a folder
4] So in a defaultly configured PC...all that this Virus appears to us is a "New Folder" created mistakenly - to name one of the many possible reasons.
5]So U click on it to see its contents and the virus is installed on ur system.

with the settings u just did u clearly see "New folder.exe" name for the file[Appeared to us a folder with default settings] u know theres something fishy...verify it by "Right Click on file--> properties"-->If U see File type as "Application"--no doubt its a worm..simply delete it..atleast dont open it!
Most USB spread worms are somewhat modifications of this type only..all u need to be is be a little Watchful.
4] BEWARE !!
Plz note by these settings:

1] ur Autoplay is when u Insert a Disc/USB u'll have to Open it wont start automatically
2]Imp Windows files are seen ...dont delete ANY file on ur pc which u suspect is a virus....not all hidden files are Viruses !..deleting system files will harm ur OS
3]However, the file located thru "Autorun.inf " in Part {B} is 100% a virus.....[Unless u urself copied it on to ur --> some Setup on ur USB]

If u found this procedure a bit long ...I'm intention was to make u understand what &why r we doin each step mentioned time u'll discover even more ways to tackle WORMS by even simpler methods.......

Do reply ....-ve /+ve feedback is WELCOME!!

Don't Forget to vote thru the POLL !!
THATs IT !!!!
Thats a quality post nanunath!

I already use "show extensions" and have autoplay off, so no news for me, but I bet a lot of people will find this useful.

Congrats on the good post and welcome to frihost.
this is an awesome post. hope its ur own. it might have taken u a lot of time for this to write.

i have already done that and always take all the necessary steps. and i dont have to use any anti virus... bt the default windows defender is good enough for any starter.

good post and yeah here comes my voting....
Nice post!
Yep ! 100% matter of this post is by me...its just an outcome of good observation guys..!
and Thank you for ur replies
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