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North London Derby

What a game! 4 - 4! I didn't expect Spurs to come back from the dead like they did ... what a performance .... though I think Arsenal will be disappointed with their last minute crumble!
sorry for the incredibly late response, but yes, this game was incredible.. unfortunately i had to watch it on my computer, and the feed kept going down.. every time it would come back up there would be another goal scored.... i was not pleased, but what a game! and it looks like spurs have been on a little resurgence since... finally!
I know ... I mean ... them beating Liverpool was a shock. Considering the chances Liverpool missed, it serves them right ... they hit the bar 5 times!

As for Arsenal, they seem poor on form ... Wenger's tactics should be blamed ... going down to Stoke ... what was Van Persie thinking?
Yeah, I think Arsenal are on very low confidence now. I think the biggest impact is from that particular derby game. They thought they've won in comfortably, and then, BAM, they conceded 2 goals and 2 points. After that you could see it in Stoke and Fenerbache games, they've lost the watch-winning confidence. I hope they regain quickly because I like this team a lot, and their players and team as a whole are very promising. But another season without winning trophy means that some of them will inevitably be gone, especially Fabregas.
It is truly disappointing being an Arsenal fan ... they should've been able to comfortably beat Fenerbahce and yes, they are plagued with bad luck and injuries!
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