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Funny winnings

I participated in a contest at the mall some time ago, and was surpriced but happy when I heard I won.
Opened the envelope with excitement, but was a little disappointed to see that the price was 1.000 skr (about 100$)
at the barber's. The thing is, I keep my hair short. Very short. Trimmer short. lol.
Well, not much to do about it but laugh. Laughing
Hopefully the can change the price to something usefull.
Anyone else one something they really couldn't use?
My mom once won a single chair at my school. Luckily we came by car. But the chair didn't match quite well with the rest of our interior, so it's now a hallstand in my parent's bedroom...
Hehe, that's funny. Luckily, I haven't ever won such a weird things Wink
I haven't won anything I couldn't really use. My grandmother has though, she enters every contest she ever sees even for stupid things she'll never used its kind of funny actually. But once she won a camping set with a tent sleeping bags and a little stove. The last thing she'll ever use. Luckily she has a son, who also has sons, that loves camping!
well there's always e-bay for those unwanted prizes, or give to charity.
I went to a glass museum and won one of their glassware they showing/exhibiting how to make glass as a prize. It's the ugliest orange striped vase type thing i've ever seen.
i fill in a contest on the net "how many people ar ansering the right question"
i was 200 off and won a philips webcam.
I once won a balloon contest... I won a carpet like thing I had to make myself (I had to make special knots with a small thread in a cloth like thing)... It was lying in my closet for 10 years and I threw it alway last year....
I won a raffle last week, got the ugliest sweatshirt I've ever seen.
Way back when I was in college a friend of mine entered a pool tournament sponsored by a newly opened local tattoo parlor. The first place prize was a $100 certificate towards a tattoo. He won, even though he had no plans to get a tattoo, nor could he have gotten one without risking having his (wealthy and conservative) parents cut him off. He ended up selling it to me for $25, which worked out cause I was saving for a new tat anyway, and he was at the end of his allowance for the month... poor little rich kid. I don't know why he even entered the tournament. For bragging rights I guess.
TomS wrote:
My mom once won a single chair at my school. Luckily we came by car. But the chair didn't match quite well with the rest of our interior, so it's now a hallstand in my parent's bedroom...

Haha; its funny how those things never go away too Razz
i once won a jello eatting contest... sad part was.. the prize was jello
jello = not good in great quantity
I once won $7. I think I bought another lottery ticket with my winnings.
The most i won was like 15$ and i won it on my birthday! yay! but i cant remember what i did with the money
Two tickets to a movie theather chain. Only problem was their nearest theather was a one hour drive away. Gave the tickets to someone that lived closer to one.
A friend of mine won lasik (is that how you spell it?) eye surgery. Granted, it was a prize for a hospital fundraiser...but still, it seemed odd. Especially because her eyesight is just fine. I think she's trying to trade it in for a Louis Vuitton purse.
I won jam at a beer festival.
Not entirely sure why they had jam as a prize at a beer festival but there you go!
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