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Economics Term!

I have to write a term paper to pass my high school economics class. The things is, I don't understand the topics. I try to search for articles on it, and I find nothing. I think I could actually find articles on it if I knew what I was looking for.

I can choose between these two topics:

1. Explore the advantages and disadvantages of residing in a country which has a mixed or modified private enterprise economic system and the impact of that such a system may have on the citizens that live there.

2. Explore the advantages and disadvantages of residing in a nation with a centrally planned economy and the impact that economic system may have on the citizens that live there.
Do not try to find articles to answer the questions, as you pointed it out yourself, there are no articles with the answers.

The first thing you want to do is pick one question. Does not matter which one. Flip a coin and then stick to it.

The next thing you want to do is break down the questions.


Start by looking at the questions: I see 3 questions in either of your topic.

The first being "advantages"'; the second being "disadvantages" and last being "the impact".

Now make a list of advantages of that economic system and make a list of disadvantages.

Once you have your two lists you have already done two-thirds of your work.

Now the easy part.

This is where you have the necessary tools to search the net for the answer to the next part which is to explain how that econimic system impacts on the citizens that live there by searching the words in your two lists.

Do not try to come up with the final product. Just talk about it like you are talking to a friend. Your ideas and research information based on the two lists will help you connect the parts and subsequently form your paper.

This is something we do a lot in college and university. Yes, you can succeed too. The method we used was originally learned in highschool. The difference being that we have to elaborate a bit deeper. But essentially, the methods are the same.

I hope this helps as I know the answer to both questions, but you will benefit more by finding the keywords yourself and thus remembering more for a longer time.

Good luck.

I hate macro economics, lrn 2 pick better subjects ^.^
bogger wrote:
I hate macro economics, lrn 2 pick better subjects ^.^

Those are the only subjects I can choose from. Sad
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